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Nick Byrd

For what it's worth, commenting is already a fully-supported feature of ResearchGate (a free-to-use platform that is already among the most widely used by academics, especially in the sciences and science-adjacent fields—e.g., experimental philosophy, empirically oriented philosophy of mind, etc.). RG also provides most of the metrics that PhilPapers/PhilArchives provides. So philosophers, especially those doing anything related to science, may want to consider claiming their account/papers on RG to join in open commentary of their own and colleagues' work.

I've shared slides from a presentation comparing (among other things) the various online platforms for distributing and commenting on research at the hyperlink embedded into my name for this comment.

F. Contesi

FWIW, ResearchGate seems to be a commercial enterprise, like Academia.edu, Google Scholar etc., and requires a log-in to comment. Freelosophy (like PubPeer before us) is not commercial and does not require log-in to comment. Moreover, if I may say so myself, it is also easier to navigate and less cluttered than RG :)

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