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Search committee member (but not this year)

What would make a bigger difference for me as a search committee member would be what your CV looked like before and after that acceptance. If it's your first or second publication, or in a much better venue than anything else on your CV, I'd definitely email. If it's your 5th, 6th, etc publication, and/or in a worse venue than other things on your CV, then I wouldn't email.


I think mostly not, unless you otherwise don't have any or you have one and this other one is in either Nous or Phil Review.

Otherwise, send an updated CV if you get an interview request.

UK search committee member

There's probably no harm to it. But for us one acceptance even in a prestigious venue rarely makes a difference at the longlisting stage. It may make a difference at the shortlisting stage, depending on the field of remaining candidates. Since as an applicant you cannot know what stage we're at and what the field looks like, it makes sense to update if you think it significantly improves your profile.

Brandon Warmke

Hiring committees at some universities, including mine, are forbidden by HR from considering new materials or information (e.g. informal notes of support for a candidate) after the application deadline. They see it as a matter of equity.


I think the topic of the publication is relevant as well. Suppose you claim you can teach topic X, but have not taught it and have no publications in it. Updating a committee with a note that you now have a publication in X might bolster your case.

Jonathan Ichikawa

I can imagine no possible downside to notifying the department. It does not strike me as remotely 'coming off as desperate'.

In many cases, it will make no difference, but I would not worry even slightly about whether it might make a department that would otherwise have hired you, not hire you.

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