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Erich Hatala Matthes

I'm also happy to answer questions if anyone has any!

Alex Bryant

Hi Erich,
Thanks for this, these are really helpful. Quick question about conference comments.
Say the paper you wrote the comments for hasn't been published (yet, or at all)--how do you imagine proceeding? I imagine it's right to acknowledge the origin of your work on the topic (e.g. "This paper began as ..."), but I wonder how much you end-up in a sense giving away the author's paper itself when you publish a paper that engages seriously with work they haven't yet put out.

Just a thought I've been chewing on, I'd be interested to hear what you or anyone else thinks about this.

Erich Hatala Matthes

Hi Alex, that's a good question. I think if you're trying to publish comments as a reply, then you're going to be most likely to succeed if the paper you're replying to is at least forthcoming somewhere (I just imagine editors would be disinclined otherwise). If your aim is to develop conference comments into a larger, free-standing piece, then I agree that you should certainly acknowledge the parts that were originally written in reply to a conference paper and the author of the work you're responding to, but I don't think you necessarily need to wait until the original paper is published in that scenario. It probably depends on how much your paper would be developing ideas from the comments vs. getting into the details of this other (at least at this point) unpublished paper. I really don't have a strong sense about this, though. It seems to me similar to when multiple people are sharing drafts of work in progress, and responding to each other in their papers, but who knows in what order those papers might find homes (if at all). Maybe a journal editor will weigh in?

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