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Milena Ivanova

For an early career college fellowship at the University of Cambridge we received 98 applications from highly suitable and qualified candidates.



What was the AOS of the fellowship? And were all both highly suitable and qualified, or some one and not the other, or some neither?


Milena, was this a philosophy-specific fellowship? I have heard from other colleges at Cambridge that for general discipline non-specific fellowships the average number of applicants is far greater than this (around 600-1,000).

Bill Vanderburgh

For this year's assistant professor AOS Ancient Greek or Roman Philosophy, we had 63 applications, 56 of which were complete and met minimum requirements (i.e., PhD in Philosophy, actually has Ancient as an AOS). That was a lower number than we expected. That could be explained by the fact that we were transparent and put our 4-4 teaching load in the ad, and/or by the fact that we expressed a strong preference for AOCs in "less commonly taught" philosophies.

Marcus Arvan

For this year's TT Assistant Professor AOS feminist philosophy and/or modern philosophy, we received 99 applications. This is similar to recent TT and non-TT searches we've run in feminist philosophy and philosophy of race.

Alex Grzankowski

87 applicants for the following TT equivalent post from summer 21

The Lecturer will contribute to the intellectual life of the Department, School, and College through high-quality research in 19th Century European Philosophy, and by designing and teaching modules in their area of specialism. Additionally, the Lecturer will be expected to deliver a Kant module, and at least one of the following: Aesthetics; 20th Century European Philosophy; Political Philosophy. Upon successful completion of Birkbeck’s Academic Probation, the Lecturer will be expected to develop and carry out increasingly ambitious and internationally recognised research projects in their area of specialism.


We got 367 applications for our job at BU this year:

I think there were somewhere between 20-30ish files we basically didn't consider (lack of AOS, lack of PhD in philosophy or a relevant field, etc.).

St. Norbert College

There were 104 applicants for St. Norbert College's TT Phil Mind job.

Jeff Kasser

116 applicants for a TT AOS Phil Science job at Colorado State with a preference for Phil of Biology. Many applicants, understandably, do Phil of Physics, Phil of Cognitive Science, or general Phil of Science.

Colin Marshall

182 applicants for a TT job in history of philosophy (AOC Ancient) at UW, Seattle.

Charles Lassiter

I've been collecting just this data for about a month. Here's what I've got


Daniel Muñoz

UNC Chapel Hill is in the middle of a search in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (TT open rank); we received 125 applications.

Joseph Long

Brockport is in the middle of a TT search: AOS in ethics (esp. normative ethics), AOC in political philosophy or applied ethics, and the ability to teach both Political Philosophy and courses in applied ethics. We received 149 applications.

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