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The safest bet, I think, would be to list these separately on the CV as ‘public philosophy publications,’ or something like that, and maybe with a note indicating that they were peer reviewed. I’ve never been on a search committee, but when I see CVs on which these are listed alongside fully ‘professional’ publications, I read as CV padding, which is not to say that these publications aren’t fun and valuable in a sense.

Relatedly, I’ve been very tempted to write one of these, but have never been able to justify spending the time that I need to write other things. Maybe this, and my admitted suspicion about these publications and the unfortunate snobbiness that it reveals, indicate that we as a profession should rethink our relationship with these editions. Marcus also makes good points about their value.


I think that it's a mistake to assume that the value that a non-mainstream contribution, such as "Philosophy and X", adds to a CV is independent from what else is on the CV. Echoing FWIW, if the *only* publication on a CV is a "Philosophy and X" contribution, or a blog post, or etc., I'm going to think that, at best, this person mismanaged their time, or, at worst, that they can't place work in mainstream journals.

On the other hand, if the CV lists publications in, e.g., Nous, Journal of Philosophy, BJPS, Ethics, etc., a "Philosophy and X" piece will make me think that the person is well-rounded, can speak to multiple audiences, might be someone I'd like socially, etc.

I don't really care where it's listed. I'm not going to confuse a "Philosophy and X" contribution for a piece in PPR just because they're in the same section on the CV.


I would list it in its own separate category like 'philosophy for the public' or 'publications for popular audiences' or something like that. I wouldn't confused it with a peer-reviewed research article, even if it was listed among such articles. But it would seem to me odd to list such different things together.

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