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I never had a pre-tenure leave, but I have had a number of sabbaticals. Each time I went somewhere special and better than the place I was teaching. I think the first two leaves were instrumental in me being able to move up and away from my last job, which was fine, except for the bad colleagues (colleagues who got even worse over time). So if you EVER want to be able to move, then I would suggest going somewhere that facilitates moving in the future.


http://www.2018-2019.eurias-fp.eu/institutes - this is a list of institutes for advanced studies, many of which have junior fellowships. The list is not complete, and it looks like they don’t allow for the joint application procedure they had in the past any longer. The beauty of such fellowships is that you get help with resettling (the staff of the one’s I’ve been to are really nice and supportive).
Of course one risk here is that you might end up with a bunch of terribly interesting people but not in your field. But you can still get in touch with people in your field at the local universities.

Mike Titelbaum

One other thing to think about is how the timing of your leave interacts with tenure. If you are going to write a bunch of things during the leave, you want to get them out and hopefully published before your tenure case goes in!

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