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Placement Director and Search Committee Member

You should put the Interfolio email address in. Interfolio will contact you if they can't upload your letters for some reason. Don't make your letter writers suffer through uploading these letters! Any search committee that would somehow discriminate against a candidate for using Interfolio is a search committee you do not want to work with.

SLAC Associate (and frequent search member)

Just use the Interfolio email address. If the committee is excited about your candidacy and for some reason they need your references' actual email addresses, they can contact you directly for that; they'll understand why you went the Interfolio route.


I've been uploading the Interfolio email addresses, as that was what I was instructed to do by my placement director. However, it is very important to check behind Interfolio to make sure they actually upload the letters when a school sends a request. In the last week they only sent letters about 80% of the time the schools requested them, without notifying me of this cancellation. When I called them, they couldn't explain why they had been cancelled (to their credit, they then expedited the cancelled letters).

Bill Vanderburgh

Use the Interfolio addresses. The referees' letters sent in response will include their contact info in case the committee needs to reach out. The request for info here is part of legacy HR systems that just haven't caught up to the realities of modern searches.

on the market

Put the Interfolio in. Sometimes Interfolio will contact you saying that the search committee requires something different, normally requiring that all the letters be sent to one single email address.

An additional note. If search committees have the ability to change the letter requirements from "type in each email of referees separately" to "send all the letters to one email address," that would save a lot of Interfolio deliveries, which may, in turn, save some money for applicants.

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