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A more subtle way of promoting your paper is to make sure that you upload a list of references to Philpapers. This is a useful thing to do in general, but it also automatically notifies the authors you cite (if they have a Philpapers profile) -- without having to look needy.

I wouldn't personally send new papers to too many people for the reason Marcus mentioned (although I don't think it would massively backfire to do that either). What I have done, though, is send drafts of papers to people who work on this exact issue. I've gotten a pretty good response rate for these emails, and some great input as well. I know it's too late for OP to do this, but in general I think this is a good way to promote your (future) papers, besides being useful for all sorts of other reasons. (You can then also write a thank you note when the paper ultimately gets published.)


I think the 'published in a highly ranked journal' part could be relevant. Depending on what OP counts as 'highly ranked', there's a good chance the people they want to see the publication will come across it on their own. Many people make a habit of regularly scanning the Online First section of the top journals.

That also suggests there's maybe a difference between promoting the publication and promoting yourself as the author of that publication. I don't mean that in a derisive way. For early career philosophers that second type of promotion can be important, and letting the Online First section do its thing wouldn't help with that.

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