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SLAC Associate

Isn't this exactly what research statements are for? Indicate what you're presently working on, which pieces merely tidy up the dissertation, which extendss it, and which are entirely new and original.


This isn't something I list on my CV, but I speak about it in statements in a way that I feel makes it obvious enough what is from the dissertation and what is not. You can use phrases like:

"In some of my previous research, I addressed questions about the ethics of [W] - this work is published in [X], [Y], and [Z]. My most recent research has turned to questions about the metaphysics of [W]. I'm interested in [these questions]. One of my manuscripts based on this new line of research is under review. In it, I argue [that whatever]."


I think this issue is very slight, and will likely not matter to most people looking at the CV. I think a more useful issues is not thesis vs non-thesis but subject matter. If you have various papers under review, you could identify the areas they are in. That way, people might see the range of areas you are trying to work in.

Jonathan Ichikawa

This kind of information should be in a cover letter and/or research statement; don't complicate the CV with it.

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