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Current PhD Student

This is wonderful, thank you! I really love this idea of fruitfulness, and all of the advice here is very helpful to me (especially about tracking how long things actually take).

Anon TT

You might imagine something like
(a) # of articles you can publish and
(b) # of articles you can publish that your heart is really in (i.e., you really care about getting your views out there).

Presumably, (b) is a proper subset of (a). Then what's the utility-maximizing combination for you?

Presumably some combination. Sure, maybe (a) and (b) are coextensive. But, more likely, there are tradeoffs and (a) is neither 0 nor maximal, and the same for (b). If so, I'd think it best to try to publish a bunc 1-3 years (given peer review lag times) before going on the market.

Then, if you secure a permanent position or end up caring less about that, focus increasingly on (b). Or, if you find that your publishing success comes chiefly from focusing on (b), then that is good for you, so do that.

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