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Douglas W. Portmore

You have to be careful. If it's triple-blind, then contacting the EIC or one of the Associate Editors could result in a loss of anonymity, which in turn could result in further delays because then the editors that learned of your identity will now have to recuse themselves and other editors will have assume their roles. I would follow the procedures that the journal tells you to follow with regarding to contacting the journal about your submission. Of course, if that doesn't result in a response (even after repeated attempts), then you're dealing with a very poorly run journal.

Early career

For whatever it might be worth, I had a paper under review at a generalist journal for 12 months for the last six of which the managing editor was not responsive. I contacted the Chief Editor who responded promptly and apologetically and thanking me for contacting them. I guess that suggests in this case that my appeal to the CE was not improper. I did then receive a reviewer report within a week.

Anonymous associate editor

It does sometimes happen that due to personal crisis or whatever reason the managing editor is unresponsive. It also sometimes happens that your paper simply got lost in the process (this is thankfully rare and I only saw it once, when the journal transitioned from one format/editing system to another.) I think given the timeframe and silence of the managing editor, it is appropriate to contact the E-i-C.

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