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take the postdoc

Yes, based on the information here I agree with Marcus that the choice is clear:

Take the postdoc.

(Unless, of course, there are salient factors not described here, e.g., moving, partners, etc.)

I never had a post-doc

Do the post doc ... adjuncting will always be there for you ... a post doc won't


Postdoc! Rightly or wrongly, it looks better.

Trevor Hedberg

There's no question the postdoc would be the better choice. I struggle to think of a situation where it would be better to adjunct for a year instead of taking a postdoc, unless perhaps it was an overseas job where there were compelling non-academic reasons to stay closer to home. Plus, postdocs are generally pretty good jobs -- relatively light teaching loads, pretty good pay for the amount of work required, and time to pursue one's research. You will also usually get health insurance, a retirement plan, and other benefits associated with your university employment; adjuncts don't typically get these benefits.

Nicolas Delon

Take the postdoc unless it’s a really shady or exploitative postdoc. Don’t think twice about it.

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