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I agree with Marcus' proposal. Consider an analogy. PhD supervisors normally (though not always) work closely with their students, teaching them. But such work is not normally listed under 'Teaching' or 'Courses Taught,' but in a separate category. I think the same thing would apply here. Some category under Service/Outreach would seem most natural.

from here

I think when people are led to ask these questions they are beginning to lose sight of the forest for the twigs. First, it strikes me as a case of mentioning the scout badges you earned. It is so relatively unimportant that it will never have any impact on you getting a job. And in fact, drawing a lot of attention to something relatively small will make it look like you either do not know what you are doing, or you are trying to make something very small look big. Second, focus attention in your teaching part of your cv on your formal in-class teaching. That is what most institutions want to see. Because that is what they are going to ask you to do, if you are hired.

anon anon anon

Agree with "from here", except just want to point out that you want a way for your own institution to be tracking this, because it may well matter if you have merit or yearly reviews, etc. So, I'd put it on an "internal" cv (if that's the way you communicate what you've done each year to your admin/chair), or mention it in an internal review, but it seems unnecessary to hand-wring about where to put it on an external-facing cv. (Though, I don't think it will actually hurt you to enter it as a very short entry in your service section as others suggest. I just don't think there's much of a point of doing so, and I suppose there is some chance someone will find it annoying, especially if your cv is not full of other service/teaching.)

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