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job seeker

This is very interesting, thanks Marcus!

I'm on the job market this year, and I haven't been in previous years, so I've only occasionally checked PhilJobs in past years. But I have two impressions, and I was wondering if anyone shares them:

- There are only a few jobs outside of North America showing up on PhilJobs, and I feel like I have seen more of those in past years there. Is it possible that the European market in particular is less present on PhilJobs now than it used to be? (If that's the case, it would make this year's numbers look better...)
- There seem to me to be a lot of R1-jobs this year, possibly a greater share than in past years. But again, I'm not sure that impression is accurate.

SLAC Associate

It's possible this year's job cycle still hasn't quite peaked. By my count, there have been about a half-dozen ads every day this week, which by my memory feels like a whole lot for the last week of September. I don't know if anyone has data regarding the pace of ad postings this year vs. previous years, but I'd be interested to see if my intuition matches the reality.

And there's a plausible mechanism here: I strongly suspect many institutions made their decisions to hire significantly later in the calendar this year, waiting to see what incoming first-year enrollment would be before approving searches. Anecdotally, speaking of my own institution, our administration usually makes decisions about which searches to approve in April/May, and this year they waited until September 10th to approve any new hires. Across the college, we've got something like 8 job ads presently under review by HR before they go live, where normally those ads would've been posted a month ago or more.

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