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@silent running I have an interview with Stony Brook on Wednesday.


Anybody got Bersoff news?

Silent Running

@Stonyfaced, thank you!

villanova wtf


Pretty sure I'm moving on to Postdocs/VAPs

I've been following this thread pretty obsessively (<--understatement) and haven't seen any word from a few of the jobs I've applied to. In particular, has anyone heard back from:

Yale (cog sci)
SUNY Buffalo (applied ontology)
Univ. of Oklahoma (metaphysics broadly construed)

I'm assuming I'm out at Yale, and it's entirely plausible the other two haven't sent notice yet (they both had December deadlines), but I figured I might as well check. Thank you in advance for your help!

Dept member

Florida State will schedule campus interviews late this week or early next.


@ Pretty sure I'm moving on to Postdocs/VAPs, I applied for the Oklahoma job and haven't heard from them yet.


Brandeis is scheduling interviews.


Ursinus interview request (via phone call)

postdoc less hopeful

@Ursinus, congrats! May I ask when you received the call, and what your AOS/AOC is? I'm anxiously hoping I get a call as well.

brandeis oh no

@Anon: are they (Brandeis) doing first round interviews, or are they going straight to fly outs? Thanks!


@brandeis oh no: looks like first-round interviews.


I have it on good authority that Brandeis is doing first-rounders.

JRF news

Has anyone heard from the following Oxbridge JRFs?

Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Jesus College, Cambridge
Sidney Sussex, Cambridge
Merton College, Oxford
Magdalene College, Oxford


postdoc hopeless

PFO from Washington and Lee.

East Coast

Still nothing from Loyola New Orleans?


PFO Fordham (history)


Received a request for “formal reference letters from selected applicants” for BU’s Society of Fellows Postdoc(s) (with a deadline of 1/28 to submit them).

Post-Hope, Pre-Grad

@East Coast Loyola N.O. said that they will be selecting candidates for interview at some point this week and that they look to inform all candidates of their status at some point next week.

postdoc hopeless

Has anyone heard anything from the following?

UC Santa Cruz (Open, TT)
UMass Amherst (Open, TT)
Swarthmore (Social/Political, TT)


Anyone have updates on any of the following?

Aberdeen (applied ethics)
Augusta (bioethics)
Waterloo (lecturer, bioethics/tech)
UT Health Houston (postdoc)

anon californian

@ postdoc hopeless: earlier in this thread people suggested that UMass Amherst wouldn't be done with anything until mid (or late?) January, and I think said that UCSC would also be January. (I am also waiting on those two places but reading those updates made me feel better, so I thought I would restate them here!)


Any word on the University of Tennessee Knoxville history position?


Loyola University New Orleans (Law, Social/Political, Race, etc.) has requested a Zoom first round interview.

Merton news

@JRF news, I haven't heard anything about the other colleges, but I just received a longlist/ writing sample request from Merton, Oxford.


Did anyone receive an incomplete application notification from SUNY after receiving confirmation of application submission? I did, thought I confirmed my submission, and am now again receiving emails from HR asking me to follow up with them about my application. I am confused about what to make of this because others in the thread have suggested SUNY has already moved to interviews.


Re: ??? It depends which SUNY campus you’re taking about. I think I recall seeing posts about interviews for Brockport and Stony Brook but haven’t heard anything about Buffalo.


Duke Kunshan first round interview requests


Edinburgh (feminism) is scheduling interviews.


Butler University has moved to first-round interviews.

beep beep boop boop

Also rejected from Fordham. Mine arrived later (today), so all the rejections apparently didn't go out at once.


Milwaukee School of Engineering is scheduling flyouts


Has anyone heard from U Montreal?

East Coaster

Dammit! I just now see that Butler listed a different deadline in the body of their ad than for the ad itself. C'mon guys!!

Weed lover

University of Georgia (ethics of AI) is scheduling first round interviews


@East Coaster I have missed out on two applications this cycle because of this. I get that it’s my fault and I should be looking more closely, but with a large pool of apps it’s hard not to schedule them based on the main deadline listed on Phil Jobs.


@Weed lover, were you notified of this via email or phone?

Weed lover

@ Peachy: I was notified via email


PFO from NYU! Damn


PFO NYU (asst. prof search)

san ber'dino?

Does anyone have news about second-round interviews at Cal State San Bernardino (TT, ancient)?


Has anyone else heard from Bentley after the first person on this thread reported receiving a virtual fly-out invite a couple of weeks ago? They're doing a "staggered approach" from the top of their list downwards, so I'm curious how many others have been contacted since

UK Grad

Did anyone else here apply for the Lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy position in Leiden? If so, has anyone heard anything yet/knows when we can expect to hear something?


@JRF news: longlists went out for Trinity Hall today

Post-Hope, Pre-Grad

Just got theNYU Bersoff PFO.


PFO from NYU (Bersoff)


PFO bersoff 🥲

PFO Bersoff

Same 🥲


Is there still really nothing from Villanova? That's really long right?


Has anyone else heard from University of Georgia?


@Peachy yes I received an email interview request yesterday morning.


UCLA or Johns Hopkins news?


Does anyone have intel on timelines for any of the UC San Diego TT posts with Dec. 6 deadlines?


any word about Moravian?


Any word about Simon Fraser?


can it be confirmed butler has moved onto first round interviews?

I saw that that someone said this above but can anyone confirm they received an invitation?

I am only asking because I got this e-mail from the dept contact after I inquired about a discrepancy in deadlines:

"The committee is continuing the application review process and will have updates following the January 17 deadline."


Has anyone heard about either the Applied Epistemology postdoc at UNC or the Political Theory Project postdoc at Brown?

plato junior scholar

@san ber'dino? I thought that CSU San Bernardino said that they weren't sending out 2nd round interviews until Jan 15th or afterward. However, my memory might be faulty...


@SF: Simon Fraser has scheduled zoom interviews


@anon Gosh I hope that's the case. I would definitely likewise appreciate a confirmation that someone's received an interview request from Butler.

villanova wtf

Villanova people, let's speculate: did the committee fight? are they having an absolutely hard time agreeing on anything? will they go straight to campus interviews?


I know MIT made a long list for their post-doc in the ethics of technology, but has anyone heard anything about their TT position?


@anonT, MIT's TT position (epistemology, etc.) has invited people to zoom flyouts.


Has anyone heard from UC Irvine LPS?

still dreaming...

@anon & @Butler: I received an invitation from Butler

@villanova wft: the deadline was 12/6, so I think it is a bit early to be anxious. Many committees take over a month to decide on the first round, so we are still within a reasonable window.


@still dreaming . . . do you mind sharing any details about your AOS, AOC, etc, and why you might have been a good fit for butler?

Honestly just curious.
If not, no worries.

Dept member

Florida State is scheduling interviews


@still dreaming: Oof, that hits hard. Still, I wish you all the luck in the world with it -- knock 'em dead!


Has anyone heard whether U Mississippi has moved on to fly outs yet? They didn’t mention their timeline during the first-round interview.


@Assocposts: I'm not sure about Johns Hopkins but I am nearly certain that UCLA has not contacted any candidates yet.


@Anon: yes, they scheduled fly-outs before Christmas.


Has anyone who had a first-round with Louisiana State (Ethics) heard back about a second-round?


@LSU I haven't but also curious if anyone else has!


has anyone heard anything from the Oklahoma metaphysics position?


FSU TT zoom interview invitation! They said they are interviewing 6 people at this stage.


@thanks Haven't heard anything about Oklahoma for myself or from the three other people I know who applied, for whatever that's worth...

hopeless academic

@UCLA what position at UCLA are you referring to? Thanks!


First-round interview request for Assumption University (Worcester, Mass)


UCLA medical ethics fellowship did first round interviews a few weeks ago, haven't heard anything about fly outs yet. nothing from jhu bioethics postdoc yet

buffalo buffalo buffalo

Has anyone heard from the Applied Ontology job at Buffalo? I don't think I've seen any discussion of it here.


PFO from Edinburgh (lecturer in philosophy of technology)

Private 2nd class, Reserve Army of Labor

PFO from Edinburgh.


has anyone heard about 2nd round from CSU Northridge? They had 1st round some time ago and I'm pretty sure silence means rejection w/r/t next steps...

spreadsheet maintenance

Any word on the following? Thanks in advance:

UT Austin (history), UC San Diego (history), Widener (open)



I know someone who has a Northridge second round. Sorry.


Does anyone know what happened with Washington and Lee? I saw that someone got a PFO, but I didn't hear about anyone getting an interview, and now they've posted an ad for a two-year position. I'm wondering if the TT line fell through?


@Curious someone accepted a TT offer at W&L.

Washington and Lee

I know someone who had an on campus interview at W&L. I don't think they got the job (or at least, the interview was a while ago and I think I would have heard if they were offered the job). But my guess would be that they've offered the job to someone else, not that their line fell through.


Someone wrote on FB that they accepted the TT position at W&L. The 2-year position appears unrelated.

MIT ethics of computing TT

I think @anonT referred to this MIT position. Has anyone heard anything about it?


(Area of Specialization: Philosophical issues related to computing OR moral/political philosophy, with interest in the ethics of computing.)


Interview request for SUNY Buffalo applied ontology job.

Austin Update

@spreadsheet maintenance, I got a rejection from UT Austin today.


Thanks @W&L, @Washington and Lee, and @anon for the update!

Camb Leverhulme

Hi All, has anyone heard if they have been longlisted by the internal selection process for a Leverhulme fellowship at Cambridge?


Has anyone gotten definitive news about the Emory moral injury post-doc after the second round interview?


Does anyone know if the University of San Diego has contacted people for second-round interviews yet?


@sunnyside: My understanding is that they met yesterday and plan to notify those selected for second-round interviews sometime this week. It's possible they have already done so, but based on the way the update was phrased, I reckon we're likely to hear later today or tomorrow.


Does anyone know if the postdoc at UMass-Boston has scheduled first-round interviews yet?


@Austin Update: was it email or interfolio? I have not received anything yet.


I know someone who had an interview for the UMass-Boston postdoc this week

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