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@tending; I have it on good authority that Milwaukee School of Engin. has already conducted first-round TT interviews.


Utah State is scheduling first round interviews.


UOregon has already conducted first round interviews

Weed lover

Any word from colorado state (phil sc/bio)? The deadline was not long ago, but they didnt require much material, so I guess they want to move quickly.


I applied to Colorado State (phil sci/bio) and haven't heard anything.

open sesame

@ weed lover, FWIW< I haven't heard from Colorado State, either.

postdoc less hopeful

Has anyone heard from Xavier University? It's been almost a month since their deadline.


@postdoc less hopeful: I haven't heard from Xavier, but in their job advertisement, they said that the initial round of Zoom interviews will be next week (Dec 13th). So I'm guessing they'll email candidates to arrange interviews sometime this week, if they haven't already...


Interview request from University of Denver (Open).


Has anybody heard from Purdue since they requested letters for their political philosophy position?

oh well

re: Denver

Damn. If you don't mind sharing, what's your AOS?

me again

Still interested in: USC, IU-Bloomington. Also NYU!

Timmy J

UC Santa Cruz anyone?


Has anyone else heard from Denver? Is it possible that some requests are still being sent?


UDenver u up?


Utah State (Social/Political) has scheduled first-round interviews.


PFO from Tufts

tufts update

PFO Tufts


Tufts university will not be requiring my services.

PFOed by Sophia

PFO from Sophia


PFO TUFTS. Any news on York (Cog Sci)?

also wondering about purdue political

@thatguy I also had letters requested by Purdue for their political position and have not heard anything.

i didn't get one

Interview requests for Loyola Chicago (TT, phenomenology) have gone out.


Did anyone who interviewed for that Special Instructor in Logic position at Oakland ever hear back from them?


Oakland University (TT Bioethics) has hired someone.


UPenn (Kant) sent out job talk invites.


would love to something, anything, at this point


@upenn: straight to fly outs or following first rounders?


Notre Dame has conducted (at least some) zoom interviews for the Assistant Professor of Philosophy position.


Notre dame - should have been - Assistant *Teaching* Professor position.


UNC PPE (TT) is scheduling interviews. https://philjobs.org/job/show/18345


@Curious: UPenn straight to job talks

All nerves

@I didn’t get one: are you sure? The deadline was only ten days ago. That’s awfully fast.


Has anyone heard from UMass-Boston (postdoc) yet?

postdoc less hopeful

@All nerves: apparently the Loyola Chicago ethics search sent out interview invites three days after the deadline. They must have been reviewing applications as they came in before the deadline and were able to make quick work of it once the deadline passed. Just a guess.

Hopeful Georgian

Letters requested from University of Georgia (TT, data ethics). Interfolio request only, albeit a week after applying.

All nerves

Can anyone else confirm interview request for TT Phenomenology at Loyola?

phil sci ish

anybody heard from Toronto (phil science) or UC Santa Cruz?


Amy news from NYU (open) and MIT (epistemology)?


Colgate interviews are out

phil mind

Has anyone heard anything from the UToronto Scarborough TT mind search, IU Bloomington TT search, or St. Norbert's TT mind search?


Still no news from Duke (open)?

Eric Hagedorn

@phil_mind: St. Norbert will likely be sending out interview invitations at the end of next week.


@Anon: Did Oakland (Bioethics) officially hire someone or did they just make an offer? (If they made an offer to you and you accepted, congrats!).

I was one of the finalists and haven't been informed that I wasn't selected. Just curious.

Going back back to Cali Cali?

Any news on USC? Deadline was a while back now.


@Bummed I am reporting this third hand. Someone reported being hired.


UChicago has contacted short-listed candidates for flyouts.

phil mind

@Eric Hagedorn thank you for the update!!


USF initial interview request sent out


It seems awfully early for any TT offer to have been extended let alone accepted. Color me skeptical re Oakland (Bioethics TT).

florida non-dreamin'

@Anon 12/10/2021 at 12:16 PM:

This means University of South Florida (TT, several AOSes inc. race, ancient, enviro), right?


Also got a first round request from USF.

It went to my spam.


@Bummed not the op. But I know a person who works on bioethics and announced on facebook that they've accepted an offer from Oakland. Sorry if this is the position.

Also didn’t get one

Yes, Loyola’s TT phenomenology first round interview requests are out.

October Anon

For some reason I'm still holding onto hope for some of these October schools: Worcester, Brandeis, Syracuse . . . anybody heard back?


I know for certain Oakland has officially hired someone. The job search is over.

Resigned to the news

@ also didn’t get one, thanks for the confirmation. Tough to hear but them’s the breaks, I guess.

Pure do

Purdue (political philosophy) has moved to zoom interviews.

Confused about RU

Anyone else get a nice but sort of odd acknowledgment email from Ryerson U? Not a personal email, but clearly to a bunch of applicants. It says they got the application package and "look forward to reviewing it", but also says their review of applications "began this week." So... Why send this email now? But also they say they plan to do first round interviews starting December 14. That's four days away, though. This makes me think I'm not on their first round list. But why make these decisions prior to reading all the applications? (My application was sent in on time.) Or maybe they are about to send invitations, and will offer little time to schedule/prepare? I'm confused.

Carleton update

Carleton requests interview!

postdoc less hopeful

@Confused about RU: I got a similar email from Ursinus on Wednesday morning. They thanked me for my application and said they just began their initial review and would contact me if I move forward in the process. I guess it's nice to know that they are officially reviewing apps (a week after the deadline), but overall kind of pointless. When I first saw the email, though, I had a mini heart attack, assuming it was a PFO.


Has anyone else received an interview request from University of Denver?


Offered first round interview at Carleton


Any news from Gonzaga or Dallas?


Ryerson University has scheduled first round interviews.


UC Davis (value theory) is doing fly outs


Postdoc: Yes, I know someone who also received a University of Denver interview request.


Did anyone else get a request from Toronto (ethics/bioethics) for permission to share materials with faculty who are not members of the search committee?


@ floridanon-dreamin', yes

postdoc less hopeful

@Huh? I did not get anything from the Toronto ethics/bioethics search. Must be a good sign!

Gonzaga first rounds

@Medieval, Gonzaga has had first round Zooms already


@Medieval sorry for more bad news, but Dallas has proceeded to flyouts.

Also, University of St. Thomas in Houston has sent first-round interview requests.

(tried to post earlier but didn't seem to go through so sorry if repeat post)

virginia political philosophy

University of Virginia, Assistant or Associate professor in political philosophy, scheduled first round Zoom.

Hope is terrifying

I got an interview request from Xavier today. If it helps anyone, my AOS is Early Modern.



PFO from University of Alberta (open, postdoc)

dispatch from the Cathedral of Learning

Pittsburgh (Ethics and Practical Philosophy broadly construed) search cancelled due to "logistical obstacles that have rendered a timely completion of that search infeasible."


Pitt search cancelled.

East Coaster

I got an HR survey from Loyola-New Orleans. But nothing else yet, other than confirmation of receipt.


Anyone hear from Emory about the remote postdoc (https://philjobs.org/job/show/18745)?

Post-Hope, Pre-Doc

@PutMeOuttaMyMisery: I have not. The website (reliable, I know) also shows the app as still under departmental consideration.

I get your concern, though. They listed it as hoping for a start date in January. This suggests a rapid turnaround tme. However, I inquired about a later start time, suggesting that I could defend in March and start in April. They replied saying that this should be fine. So, they might not be as rushed as the CFAs made it seem.


Some jobs get fewer applicants, given the AOS, so I thought I'd ask: as anyone heard anything, even second-hand, about Emory (early modern), UT-Knoxville (history), Fordham (history), or Florida State (history)?



Has anyone heard anything from SUNY Brockport? (Got several hits on my website from Brockport NY a few weeks back, but no news either way yet.)

ball of stress

I also got the HR survey from Loyola New Orleans, @East Coaster—did anyone who applied not get the survey?


@anon: Same, about Brockport. Couple of hits on the website a while ago, but no word either way yet.


Just another data point: I also applied to Loyola New Orleans and also got the survey.


any news on the Princeton (Skolnik) or MIT (Stalnaker) fancy postdocs?

Uh oh

I applied to NOLA well before the deadline but got neither a confirmation of receipt nor an HR survey.


Interview request from Emory's post-doc!


@EastCoast, my guess is that those won't be decided until February-ish.
(1) That's when the other Princeton post-doc was decided last year, (2) they sometimes ask people they fly out but who don't get the job if they want to be considered for the post-doc. Both considerations suggest that results are not imminent. (But I could of course be wrong! These are just inferences.)

Hope that's helpful!


I also just received an interview request for the Emory postdoc!

Winged Horse

I also got the HR survey from Loyola New Orleans...I think it is just a formal procedure

Dept member

Florida State has not scheduled interviews.


Any news from the University of Washington (History of Philosophy)?

1st round interview requests sent out from Fordham (History) and Dayton (Medieval).


I didn't get the survey from Loyola. Guess it's not just a formal procedure..


@KTF and those inquiring into the NOLA HR survey: I’ve suspected for some time that these requests are sent out to people who didn’t make the department’s long list. I’ve only ever received them for jobs that PFO’d me. I’d be curious to see if my hypothesis is correct. If you get an interview request, KTF, please do post!


@JustAGuess, that sounds right. Thanks for the insight re. fancy Postdocs.


@EastCoast I know one of the Desai Family fellowship has been decided. Not sure about the others.


Brandies has written to a long shortlist of around 40.


@Manny out of curiosity, what is your AOS?


@staninfo, is there more than one? I thought there was only one of those.

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