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highly anonymous

Purdue has also requested letters for their political philosophy search.

Definitely still too anxious, but now slightly relaxed

@oops Thank you! I remember DU had a nonstandard way of using Interfolio, so it makes sense.

And I agree that it speaks well of them to bother to request! While we are speaking well of departments (while it lasts), I should add that Brandeis did the same for me, and both Indiana and Colorado State were very friendly and helpful in helping me finish my application in various ways.


Duke (political theory) has sent out Zoom interview invitations.

postdoc less hopeful

@anomnomnom when did you (or someone you know) get the invite from W&L for a second round? Do you think there's a chance that they're still contacting people?

trying to help

@postdoc less hopeful: at least 2 people were contacted yesterday, anomnomnom and someone else (who I know is non-identical) about 2nd round interviews. Sorry to not have more hopeful news!


Letters requested for UVA Philosophy of Race

Trying to be helped

For those who have been notified of letter requests: have any of you *not* entered them through interfolio? I ask because for the first 10 or so jobs I did not know that you could put an interfolio-generated email address in for letters and, instead (to the chagrin of my letter writers!) entered their email addresses. I assume that if letters are requested (e.g., the Denver U or Purdue jobs), the only way I will have of finding out is asking the letter writers if they have received a request. Is this right?

I’m just hoping to find out if I should have heard, or if not hearing is (given how I applied) to be expected.

Highly anon

Trying to be helped: interfolio should send you an email notifying you of the request.

Trying to be helped (and getting in my way)

Highly anon: thanks! But I was saying that I did not use interfolio for the first 10 applications (including Purdue and Denver). So if they are requesting letters, I will not receive a notification through interfolio. My question was: will they only notify letter writers, or will applicants also receive a notification that letters are being requested. Sorry to not make this more clear.

letter answers

@ Trying to be helped (and getting in my way)

Purdue wrote me directly to ask me to have my letter writers send letters (for the political philosophy job). I can't speak to Denver, since I didn't get a request from them. As was mentioned above, though, for the Purdue job they were explicit that letters would be requested later and that (in their recent request) I had advanced to the next round.

interfolio pro

@Trying to be helped: no, I didn't get any notification from Denver directly that they were requesting letters -- only a notification from Interfolio that they had received a request for letters. So in your case, you would have to ask your references if you wanted to find out...


Duquesne (healthcare ethics) has given out zoom interview.

Not Owned, Not Owned!

PFO from Purdue (phil mind), which is at least mercifully quick.


Purdue mind job PFO

postdoc 1

@ people who received a PFO from the Purdue mind search, were any of you asked to send letters?


Purdue Phil science PFO


Did either of the people with rejections from the Purdue mind job have letters requested? I recently had letters requested for the mind job but not the science job, so I am hoping the rejection is for the latter. Thank you!

in a (temporary?) non-academic position

PFO University of Wollongong Lecturer in Western Civilization

They should be more specific in their rejections…

@philcogsciguy, I was in the exact same position and replied to ask which search the rejection was for, and they told me it was for the science position! Hopefully that helps!


Here were the original instructions on UDenver's application:

"Please have recommenders submit letters via Interfolio upon application submission. Interfolio users should submit letters to Gretchen.Hefner@du.edu. Non-Interfolio users' references will be solicited to upload letters via a provided link."

While this does seem ambiguous, I basically just took it upon myself to send the letters through interfolio myself to that email address and received personal confirmation from Gretchen Hefner herself that they had been received.
There seemed to be no issue with that but I do see how the directions might be ambiguous.


@They should be more specific in their rejections…

I just got the same response. Phew!


This is a shot in the dark but since it was listed on Philjobs...

...has anyone heard from the Marc Sanders Philosophy in the Media position? People were supposed to be contacted by mid-November.


Has anyone heard anything about Brandeis, Syracuse, or the University of San Diego?


POF UC Davis for Value Theory


PFO from UC Davis. I appreciate that they informed me so quickly, rather than waiting until they solidified an offer. One of the better PFOs I have received.


@goinpublic No! I've been wondering the same. So it make some feel better that you've haven't heard either... Maybe they're just running a bit behind.

mid-october ethics deadlines

Anyone heard from Harvard (ethics), Princeton (ethics), or NYU (ethics)?


The Global Priorities Institute has long-listed candidates for their Research Fellowship.


@mid-october ethics deadlines: I have not--but would also very much like to know if anyone else has!


Marc Sanders Media Fellowship PFO (but very nice about it; apparently it went by random lottery for finalists)


Has anyone heard from Utah State or Worcester State?

East Coast applicant

I got the PFOs from Purdue and UC-Davis, and I wanted to make sure I noted quasi-publicly that I appreciated that. Very prompt, direct. Thanks for doing that!


PFO from Purdue Phil of Sci. Like others mention, it's really nice to have heard this from them so promptly. My thanks to the Purdue committee - some jobs never even bother to get back.


Purdue (ancient) is scheduling first-round interviews.

Waiting waiting

Has anyone else not heard from UC Davis yet? (I.e. hasn't gotten a zoom interview or a rejection)


Birmingham Southern College has scheduled first round interviews.

also waiting

@waiting waiting: same here, haven't heard either way from UC Davis... maybe a second pre-interview round of reviews?


@Waiting waiting: I also haven't been invited to a Zoom interview or gotten PFO from Davis.

just a guess

Based on how these things usually go, my guess is that those of you haven't heard from Davis are on a long list and may be contacted if they don't end up liking enough of the candidates they have already offered first round interviews to


Anyone hear from UBaltimore's Hoffberger Ethics Fellowship yet?


PFO from Central Oklahoma.

postdoc 1

PFO from UWE Bristol lectureship


Zoom interview request from Purdue (Mind).

waiting waiting waiting

any news about Harvar, Princeton, MIT, NYU multiple positions?


@postduck did you just receive the request today, or was it over the weekend? Wondering whether it's time to give up hope...


@Purdue - I got the email this morning (Monday before 10am EST).


PFO from Global Priorities Institute (Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy)

applied to GPI

PFO from Oxford Global Priorities.

there is still hope

@waiting waiting waiting -- nothing yet.


To those asking about Harvard, Princeton, MIT, NYU---in case it alleviates the daily stress of waiting at all---I've heard that it is very common for places like that to make decisions about interviews during the last faculty meeting of the semester, or thereabouts. So, they will likely not start contacting interviewees until mid-December.


UChicago first round zoom invitation

california dreamin'

Cal State, San Bernardino (ancient) has sent out first-round interview requests


@wherefungoestodie - is the UChicago invite for the Feminist Philosophy search?


@Purdue I also got a Purdue (phil mind) interview request today (a few minutes after 10 EST). Do check your other inboxes/spam. Mine was diverted to my low priority inbox by gmail.

Purdue (but the science job)

Purdue phil science interview request

Another Chicago waiter

@ wherefungoestodie:would you mind disclosing which category do you fall in among their host of listed AOSs? Thank you so much!

in a (temporary?) non-academic position

The University of Melbourne, Teaching Specialist

has scheduled zoom interviews.


Any news on Cape Town?

and so it begins

PFO from Sam Houston State University


Re: UChicago Qs— my AOS’s cover more than one search area for the first or second term TT search. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


@and so it begins, may I ask when you receive the notification from SHSU and what they told you?

and so it begins

@ phil.sci. I received it around noon eastern time today and it was just a super generic HR email saying I was "not selected for the next step in the hiring process"-- hope that helps!


@ and so it begins, thank you! I am bracing myself for the PFO now!


PFO from American


PFO from American University's TT in African American and African Diaspora Studies.


First round interview request for Seattle mind / psychology.


Did anyone hear from the Carleton job?

in a (temporary?) non-academic position

PFO from the University of Melbourne LECTURER IN PHILOSOPHY (0053988).


PFO from Melbourne


Has anyone heard from the Seattle job (philosophy of science) which had the same deadline as the psychology job?


University of Louisville has sent out first round interview requests for their healthcare ethics position.

Ten-Herng Lai

No need to post this comment, but it'll be nice if there's a link to the last page of comments of this thread. Now things are easy enough, but once this thread gets longer, it'll take a lot of time to scroll down, go to the next page, and again, to get to the most recent comments.


Carleton #2

@anon Hey! Also an applicant to Carleton here — I haven’t heard anything back either. It’s hardly a month since the deadline so, no need to worry yet!


If you enter the forum from a recent comment on the side bar of the main page, you can skip to the most recent page automatically. That's your link to the last page.

Marcus Arvan

I know it's a bit frustrating, but it would take a lot of monitoring for me to keep updating the link to go to the final page of the thread each time the thread moves to a new page (since I don't myself follow this page daily).

I'd suggest either using "Helper's" tip, or alternatively, updating your browser bookmark to take you directly to the final page in the thread each time a new final page appears.


@phil.sci. Yes, I received an invitation to interview for Seattle's phil sci position.


First-round interview requests for University of San Diego tech ethics job went out yesterday.


@ bird, Thanks for the info! I haven't heard anything from them...which isn't a good sign...phew


Applied for Seattle phil sci and haven't heard anything either, for what it's worth.


Interviews scheduled at UWE Bristol (lecturer/senior lecturer position in philosophy)


UBalt's Hoffberger Ethics Fellowship has sent out interview requests to 4 candidates


Interview for UBaltimore's Hoffberger Fellowship. Apparently four interviewees will be contacted in total.


Interview scheduled for Reading postdoc (phil bio/phil science)


Any news about UW Madison (metaphysics) or Duke (open)?

Anxious in Seattle

For people who have been on the market before (or who have experiences this cycle that can speak to my question): how reliable is this thread? It’s hard to tell how many people view it, and what percentage of interview requests or rejections get noted here. Does it (often) happen that job decisions are made, but that either a) nobody who applied or received word is on this thread or b) they are on the thread, but insufficiently engaged to post and let others know?

Knowing this would help me, and others like me, know how much comfort we should derive from *not* seeing our much-desired positions not have posts about interview requests.


Anxious in Seattle: in past years on the market, I've rarely seen a job that I've applied for not get reported on this thread. Usually it happens pretty quickly.

associate prof at R1

@primumphilosophare: I have no news about either of those jobs (I'm not on the job market but my students are...), but I'd be shocked if Duke interviewed any metaphysicians (they just hired one last year, and, it's Duke). But maybe you do something that is more flexible.


My experience is also that this list is pretty up to date. I’ve several times gone to post to it only to see that someone had already posted before me, right after getting the email.

anywhere dreamin'

@Anxious in Seattle, the board does tend to get updated with responses in most cases. But I have also asked on numerous occasions whether anyone has heard from University X (on which no one had yet reported), and my solicitation yielded news that had not previously been posted. So in my experience, the "has anyone heard from University X" questions are worth asking, usually, say, six to eight weeks (?) after the application deadline.


Wow. Fast PFO. University of Nottingham (history).


Anxious in Seattle: I’ve been on the market for 6 years and relied on these threads since the old wiki started to go downhill (3 years?). My experience is that the thread (like the wiki) is pretty reliable and up to date.

I think the most common exceptions are the for most prestigious jobs, e.g., Princeton, Harvard, MIT. The people who receive these jobs are often those who don’t have much to worry about (for reasons I won’t rehash here) and so may not be paying attention to this blog. Also, for jobs that go straight to flyouts or don’t do interviews at all (like Princeton), fewer people find out about the decision, and so they are less likely to appear.

As far as comfort goes: I wouldn’t take any comfort from anything you see here. You can only get bad news here, not good news. The job market is an abomination and any comfort is illusory.


Any news about Oklahoma State (Ancient)? Anybody?


Hello! New here and first round in the job market. Can anybody tell me what PFO means? I see it in different posts. Thanks!

wait what

Is it true that Princeton doesn't do interviews at all!!??


P = Please
F = Fuck
O = Off



Has anyone heard from Rice or University of Denver?


MarketNoob: it means "Please F**k Off".

wait what: yes, seconding notthatbitterconsidering-- have heard Princeton faculty say they don't do interviews. I think they just go straight from reviewing app materials to finalist fly-outs.

Anxious in Seattle

Has anybody heard from Worcester State, Brandeis, or Utah State?

postdoc less hopeful

@Anxious in Seattle: I am also waiting to hear something from Worcester State and Brandeis, among others. No word yet. Probably not a good thing at this point, I would think.


Harvard (ethics) is scheduling interviews.

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