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Hello anon,
Thank you for the info on Guelph. It stings but at least I know


Anyone has word on the status of Bucknell’s VAP (modern) search?


Any news on Pratt (environmental TT) after first-round interviews?

low low

Someone tweeted that they accepted the TT position at San José State University. I hope to collect my deserved PFO from them!


Interview request from Antwerp for the phil mind postdoc. (No word from the combined Antwerp/Geneva one which had an earlier deadline though).


Has anyone heard yet from Temple about their Humanities / Intellectual Heritage NTT (https://apply.interfolio.com/104529%C2%A0)?

Or Marshall University about their weird, late, open search?


I haven't yet received a rejection from UCSC histcon search. Does that mean something?


Wittenberg University has apparently ghosted me after asking me for more time to make their decision. So I've moved on and accepted elsewhere. Good riddance-- I probably dodged a bullet.


News from Suffolk about the NTT, anyone?


@Suffering Offer made as of this morning.

we're all qualified

still no news from Pratt?


Any news about Georgetown's Ethics Lab, or Lehman's lecturer position?

not sure though

@Friday: I saw a tweet from someone a few days ago saying that they accepted a postdoc offer from Georgetown. I don't know whether that's the same position you described or not.

ccac hopeful

Just had a second round interview at CCAC tonight, they said they'll be done next tuesday but not to expect word on their final choice until the second week of may.


Interview request (for my student) from Cal State San Bernardino (Ancient)

East Coaster

I can't remember if I saw this here, but someone has tweeted that they accepted the LSU job.

Lansing CC PFO

PFO from Lansing CC received today.


UTSC just (re)posted their bioethics search as non-TT. Did the TT search earlier this year fail?


PFO from Amsterdam (logic/language)


I just received a request for additional materials (syllabi etc) from University of Virginia for their untenured, continuing position. Anyone else?

re: utsc

The existence of the UTSC aos: bioethics NTT search is unrelated to the aos: ethics + aoc: bioethics TT search. Also, this should be in the discussion thread.

Big Sad

PFO from Skidmore College


Delta College just posted an ad to PhilJobs. Did anyone who applied the first time hear back from them?


Any word on the permanent lecturer position at Cardiff?


@Uva I also received a request today for syllabi, evals, etc.

spscc hopeful

South Puget Sound CC has made a hiring decision.


Second-round interviews scheduled for Pratt TT (had to email to find out)


Any updates on Southwestern Community College District?

texas state

finalists for Texas State have been notified

Metropolitcan CC in KC?

Has anyone heard from Metropolitan CC in Kansas City after the first round?


PFO from Florida Atlantic (ancient): "Please be advised that the position has been cancelled."

CC dreaming

Anyone hear from American River College (CC in Sacramento)?

Crystal Logic

PFO from LSE logic/philsci position.

east coast

PFO from Dublin Ad Astra position. "The Assessment Board concerned has now examined all applications received and prepared a shortlist of candidates whom they wish to call for interview."

One more for the collection, I guess

I don’t know why I would have needed two PFOs more than a month apart from Wittenberg, but I have gotten yet another one.

Bearer of bad news

Got a rejection email from Wittenberg that started they chose a candidate.

Helplessly Hoping

Two questions:

1) Has anyone heard anything from the Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar in Logic position at NC State? I was contacted over the weekend to answer some questions about what I would teach, what materials I would use, etc., but haven't heard from them since then. Any news?

2) Has anyone heard anything about the Santa Cruz TT (open) position other than the couple of PFOs I've seen posted? I've not received a PFO, but I've also not received any other form of communication from them, and I don't know the significance of that... or whether there is any.


@Helplessly Hoping, if this is the UC Santa Cruz position I am thinking of, it has been filled. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!


@helplessly hoping: I have it on good authority that the Santa Cruz positions (they ended up making two hires) have been filled.


@Helplessly Hoping: I have it on good authority that one person was offered the NC State position but declined, although I confess I don't know the exact timeline of this.

still dreaming...

Anyone hear anything regarding the Philosophy Core Instructor position at Stanford University Online High School?


Any news on the Vienna professorship in Kant/modern philosophy or the Cardiff lectureship in ethics?


Leeds Trinity University - shortlisted/interview invite.


Any news about Aarhus (science studies, data science)?

non-tt faculty

"Lecturer in Philosophy post at Cardiff University" has scheduled interviews.

Hoosier Dude

Wabash (VAP, PPE) had first round interviews

Wtf am I doing wrong?

Are the Cardiff & Leeds-T interview invites for the permanent or fixed term posts?

It's never obvious what one is doing wrong in this market

I think they're both permanent lectureship (=American Assist Prof) positions.

Arizona Curious

Anyone get a second round interview yet from Arizona for the career track position?


Barry University's search was cancelled due to funding issues.

Doom Scrolling

@ Still Dreaming: the hard deadline for SOHS is June 30 and I don't think there was any soft deadline. Gonna be a while.

still dreaming...

@ Doom Scrolling: I saw that hard deadline, but it also says the position is set to begin on July 1 so I was thinking things might move along sooner.


@ Arizona Curious, Also haven't heard anything from Arizona after first round interview

non-tt faculty

On Cardiff, they called for both fixed and continuing positions. I only applied for the latter, so don't know whether they've also scheduled for the fixed term position.


Tilburg teacher/docent position - shortlisted


Utrecht theoretical philosophy has scheduled first round interviews

Wafting on the breeze

Has anybody who was requested to submit extra materials for the "General Faculty" search at University of Virginia heard anything back?


PFO Temple Intellectual Heritage Foundation Instructor

Curious about ski

Does anyone know if colorado state (phil bio) has filled the position?


Curious - Colo State Phil Bio has been filled.

Curious about ski

Thanks Will!

Digging a hole

If anyone knows whether an SDSM&T offer has been extended, please let me know.

Agnes Scottie

Agnes Scott College (postdoc, epistemology and philosophy of race) told me that they reviewed many impressive applications, but were unable to fill the position. In the meantime, they reposted it on philjobs.

It seems that filling phil race positions is indeed difficult at the moment. (I really only work in social ontology, but I thought I'd give it a shot.)


@ Digging a hole - Haven't heard anything from SDSM&T, but if I do I'll report on here.

Agnes Not

I got the same rejection letter. I'm not sure. I've had a number of interviews for phil of race, I seemed to be qualified for those *eye roll*. They've reposted their job ad and now the AOS is "Analytic Metaphysics and/or Epistemology"

Don’t Try

Two automated, generic PFO’s from Lehman College, CUNY, probably just in case I had wishful thinking that the first was an error, or delusions that I had a chance for an academic career.

Any news re WakeForest?

Anyone heard anything at all about the Wake Forest Character Fellowships?


Interview Request, Emory VAP (ancient)

literature interloper

Anyone on here apply for / heard anything about Augustana College's Bergendoff Fellow in Religion?


FYI, University of South Florida has made at least one offer for their three VAPs. Talking to this person, it seems 50/50 whether they will accept it.


Any new on NYU Bioethics?

Mediocre Character

@Any news re WakeForest? I was told that the review of apps for the pre-law one began last week (https://philjobs.org/job/show/20134). I don't know about the other ones (but the law school VAP search was postponed by a semester)

? ?

Any word on Yale Postdoc in the Humanities Program? (Directed Studies)



My understanding is that NYU Bioethics has now appointed 2/2 new fixed-term faculty members for 2022-2023.

UVa VAP interview

I received an interview request by email this morning for the University of Virginia VAP. Sorry if this is bad news. Anyone else?

Redwood City

If you thought you had until June 30 to apply for the Philosophy Core Instructor at Stanford University Online High School, the web address to apply shows that the position is now closed.


Any news on Aarhus, center for science studies? (TT in philosophy/ethics of data science). Also, what about Bristol, lecturership in philosophy of AI? (This was advertised only on jobs.ac.uk , so maybe they have already someone in mind)


PFO from Oxford (Departmental Lecturer in Ancient)


any updates on Guelph? has an offer been made?


Interview request from St. Louis Community College - Wildwood.

Helplessly Hoping

This evening I was offered the Dean's Postdoctoral Scholar position in philosophy of science at FSU. I have not yet formally accepted, fwiw. I have apps out for several other similar positions that I think I will be competitive for, so for at least the next couple of weeks, I'm holding off and seeing how things play out.

Georgia wreck

Did anyone hear from the teaching postdoc at Georgia Tech?


@Helplessly Hoping, congrats! Did you have any interviews with them or you were offered the position without interviews?


Has anyone received PFO from the postdoctoral position in philosophy of science at FSU? Other than the news that "Helpless Hoping" was offered the position.

Helplessly Hoping

@anon#100: No interview. Just an email from the dept chair stating that the dept had met to review applications, and that I was their top choice. Sort of odd, procedurally, but I'm not gonna complain. Not sure I had the emotional fortitude to do another interview this year anyway.

Helplessly Hoping

@FSU: I wouldn't expect a PFO yet, as I've informed them that I'm interested in the position, but not as yet formally accepting.

I was told that I would receive a contract from the dean's office in a couple of days, and then I would have 10 days from receipt of contract to formally accept or decline. Hopefully it won't take that long; I'm not trying to drag anything out, but just trying to make sure I don't accept an offer when I might have been offered something else that I might prefer.

Dept member

FSU has made an offer for the ethics postdoc as well. There weren't interviews for either position (ethics or phil. sci.). I believe the other short-listed candidates who are still in consideration for the two postdocs should also have been notified, or should be notified very soon. It might take a little while for rejections to get out to the rest of the applicants, as this has to go through the HR system.


Interview request from Amsterdam (medical ethics)


Anyone hear anything from Marshall University in West Virginia?

MCC Kansas City Info?

Has anyone heard about second round interviews from Metropolitan CC in Kansas City?


@Helplessly Hoping & Dept member: Thank you for the info! I really appreciate it.


Any news from the Vienna university professor search?

Don't Leed Me On

Slightly cryptic message from Leeds (Applied Ethics / IDEA Centre): "We are still in the process of considering the applications we received and as such, are not yet in a position to confirm the outcome of your application."

Helplessly Hoping

Update: I plan to accept the FSU philosophy of science postdoc.

VAP life

The UCF permanent lecturer position has been filled.


@guelph-curious The four short-list interviews concluded last week and comments came back earlier this week.

Not sure about an offer yet though.

Congrats to @HelplesslyHoping


@anon - thanks! I'm not sure what you mean by comments coming back? Could you please elaborate?

Dept member

The FSU ethics postdoc has also been filled


Interview request from Alvernia for Future Professors Fellowship


have the texas state flyouts happened yet?

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