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When were/are the USC TT flyouts?


@Bioethics If you wouldn't mind elaborating, what did you hear about/when did you hear about Butler's flyouts?


PFO from Groningen

highly anonymous

@USC?: they are posted on the department's calendar


@anon I know someone who has already heard back about a flyout from Butler and I (who also interviewed) have not. So I am assuming my candidacy is not moving forward


Second round interview request for Stanford (embedded ethics postdoc).

@USC?: the person I know doing a flyout for USC is doing theirs next week.


PFO from Wofford. Gotta love when they take the time to type your actual name but then use "Ms." instead of "Dr." but make sure to still use "Dr." for their own name


PFO Wofford Teaching Fellowship.


@bioethics Thanks for the info. When did they hear back? Still holding out hope, but seems unlikely now with that info.

Mr. X


Oh shucks. Didn't realize they were having multiple rounds! Congrats.


PFOs from Catawba and Denver


@Wofford Ugh that is terrible

what's up villanova?

What's with Villanova?


PFO from Wofford


@RobotOverlords — Congrats on embedded ethics! Did they tell you anything about their hiring timeline?
Like Mr.X, I’m a little confused hearing about multiple rounds. Perhaps I misunderstood them or things changed. (Ugh. Giving up hope is hard.)


First-round interview request for UMaine (TT, Bioethics).


@SadRobot and @Mr. X: Got an email asking to set up another interview today, saying it would be with the faculty director for the Center and someone from CS. No word on timeline, but clearly they're moving quickly (I did my first interview less than a week ago).

Sorry to bring bad news, but hope the info helps.


@RobotOverlords — Thanks for sharing that helpful context.

It seems like bad news now, for sure. But *who knows what’s good or bad?*


@mittens On Wednesday, I think.


Has anyone had good news from Catawba? I haven't heard one way or the other. I see one person received a PFO.

Ski or die

Has anyone got a flyout invitation for colorado state (phil bio) ?

Angus King

Anyone else hear something from University of Maine (Bioethics TT)? I see the above post, but curious whether others have heard anything.

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