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When were/are the USC TT flyouts?


@Bioethics If you wouldn't mind elaborating, what did you hear about/when did you hear about Butler's flyouts?


PFO from Groningen

highly anonymous

@USC?: they are posted on the department's calendar


@anon I know someone who has already heard back about a flyout from Butler and I (who also interviewed) have not. So I am assuming my candidacy is not moving forward


Second round interview request for Stanford (embedded ethics postdoc).

@USC?: the person I know doing a flyout for USC is doing theirs next week.


PFO from Wofford. Gotta love when they take the time to type your actual name but then use "Ms." instead of "Dr." but make sure to still use "Dr." for their own name


PFO Wofford Teaching Fellowship.


@bioethics Thanks for the info. When did they hear back? Still holding out hope, but seems unlikely now with that info.

Mr. X


Oh shucks. Didn't realize they were having multiple rounds! Congrats.


PFOs from Catawba and Denver


@Wofford Ugh that is terrible

what's up villanova?

What's with Villanova?


PFO from Wofford


@RobotOverlords — Congrats on embedded ethics! Did they tell you anything about their hiring timeline?
Like Mr.X, I’m a little confused hearing about multiple rounds. Perhaps I misunderstood them or things changed. (Ugh. Giving up hope is hard.)


First-round interview request for UMaine (TT, Bioethics).


@SadRobot and @Mr. X: Got an email asking to set up another interview today, saying it would be with the faculty director for the Center and someone from CS. No word on timeline, but clearly they're moving quickly (I did my first interview less than a week ago).

Sorry to bring bad news, but hope the info helps.


@RobotOverlords — Thanks for sharing that helpful context.

It seems like bad news now, for sure. But *who knows what’s good or bad?*


@mittens On Wednesday, I think.


Has anyone had good news from Catawba? I haven't heard one way or the other. I see one person received a PFO.

Ski or die

Has anyone got a flyout invitation for colorado state (phil bio) ?

Angus King

Anyone else hear something from University of Maine (Bioethics TT)? I see the above post, but curious whether others have heard anything.

FAU Mind

Florida Atlantic University (philosophy of mind) is requesting writing samples.

Colorado State

@Ski or Die, nothing so far about 2nd round from Colorado for me.

Weed lover

Stony brook (ai ethics) first round interviews. I thought they already had them


Any updates on Butler following their first round interviews?

still dreaming...

@Butler, just an email indicating that they will update us on finalists as soon as they are able. Did you get that?

However, someone indicated yesterday that they know of 1 person who received a campus invite. I was assuming this meant all remaining candidates were contacted at the same time.


@still dreaming Yes, I received that email. Not heard anything else.

still waiting

any villanova news?


NYUAD first interviews scheduling.


Has anyone heard anything regarding Pitt Phil Sci Center postdoc?

boston and/or columbus dreamin'?

Has anyone heard anything about Northeastern (non-TT teaching job) or Ohio Dominican (TT, open)?


Does anyone know whether Bentley has extended an offer or whether they’re still doing staggered second-round interviews?

a ghost

Does anyone know anything about the NYU XE Experimental position?


Has anyone heard from Emory about flyouts?

Villanova Update

I have it on good authority that at least one Villanova campus invitation has been extended

villanova supernova

Anyone else heard this Villanova news? I also have it on good authority that the department/committee had not yet reached a decision as of yesterday evening (1/28).

Kaiser Soza, PfO

It's a Schroedinger's villanova


@Bentley the word is that an offer is out———


@No_One thanks for that info! Bummer, but I figured that was coming. Do you by chance know anything about whether the person is likely to accept the offer?

FAU Mind

FAU (philosophy of mind) is also requesting letters of rec (two days after requesting writing samples, so unlikely any cut has been made in the interim).


Does anyone know if Cal State LA moved to campus?


@waiting I got an email a little over a week ago saying they were *probably* going to hold virtual flyouts over the next couple weeks. Haven't heard anything since then, though.

Dreaming of La Jolla

I know people have asked several times in the past, but still no news on the UCSD Environmental/Phil Bio job?


@Anon, if you don't mind me asking, was this a personalized email, (i.e., inviting you for a campus visit, but keeping the date open)?


Hey Villanova Update, can you share more?

waiting still

@boston and/or Columbus: I haven't heard anything from Ohio Dom, still waiting. It is hard to keep waiting!

still waiting

Anyone receive any news at all from Wittenburg or Kwantlen?

Villanova news

Villanova has scheduled fly outs. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(


PFO from St. Bonaventure. Said something like they were impressed with my credentials but other candidates were a better fit. There was no personalized salutation so this might just be a generic PFO.

Do better, Gannon

I emailed Gannon a couple of weeks ago and they didn't reply. It's been nearly two months now since first round interviews and then (apparent) radio silence. Anyone have any info at all about second rounds/flyouts/offers?


Important update for anyone applying to the open TT position at York College of PA (https://philjobs.org/job/show/19313): Their application portal is closed, even though PhilJobs has the hard deadline as 11:59PM tonight. Their HR considers "by January 31" to mean "by the end of the day on January 30." HR (grudgingly) said that they will accept applications via email, but that is normally not their policy. Anyone who plans to apply to this job, please take note.

A slow and insidious killer


I've still heard nothing. I hope to hear some news about the Pitt sci postdoc soon.

Link wins in the end

@Do better, Gannon: I have it on good authority that Gannon U has scheduled at least one on-campus interview. Sorry to convey bad news!


@Do better, Gannon: same experience here. Radio silence since my first round interview even though they told me during the interview that they would likely have an update in mid December. I emailed the admin that set up my interview two weeks ago and never got a reply. Not a good look.


@Grad Student H, you're a hero. Thanks for letting us know!

for boston, for boston, we sing our proud refrain

Harvard Safra Faculty Fellowship letters of recommendation requested.


@waiting it wasn't so much a formal campus invite as it was a note letting me know they were planning to do flyouts soon. And I can't really tell whether it was personalized, sorry.

postdoc 1

Has anyone heard anything about the Penn MindCORE postdoc?


@Grad Student H — I just successfully completed a normal application via their website a little while ago, before I saw your message here; maybe HR opened the online portal again?


I just checked the York app again, and now their online portal says that it "closes" at 11:59PM on Feb. 4th. Strange.

SoCal SoWow

USC Society of Fellows in the Humanities has notified semifinalists. 710 applications; 9% advanced to the next stage.


University of Maine is scheduling first-rounds on Zoom.

California Dreaming

@Dreaming of La Jolla: I too have applied for the phil env/phil bio position and haven't heard anything, nor I know anyone who has. But they were looking for a person who can do both phil env and phil bio, and I'm straight phil bio, so I will probably hear this Spring in the form of a pfo. But if anyone in this forum has info on this position, an update is highly appreciated.

Do better, Gannon

@Link wins in the end, thank you for letting me/us know! You've been more helpful than the entirety of their search committee...


PFO Aberdeen


- Linköping (practical philosophy): list of shortlisted candidates published

- PFO from Aberdeen (applied ethics)


Northwestern has made an offer in the mind/language search.

East Coast

I got an update from Aberdeen, but not a pfo: “ The panel are not in a position to review applications until approximately the end of February. Once the panel have come to a decision, you will receive an email update.”


Some are reporting a PFO from Aberdeen. I received an email from them, but not a PFO. It reads:

"Further to your application for the above mentioned post, we would like to apologise for the delay in the panel reviewing applications. The panel are not in a position to review applications until approximately the end of February. Once the panel have come to a decision, you will receive an email update."

Not sure if those receiving a PFO received something different, but it sure sounds like they haven't even started reviewing yet.

To Review or Not To Review

My Aberdeen PFO: "After careful consideration and review of your application, I regret to inform you that we will not be taking your application forward on this occasion"... lol


LSE have emailed longlisted candidates (my email appeared in my Gmail spam folder, so make sure you check yours!).

demoralized philosopher

Got an email from Wittenberg University today, addressed to "dear applicant." It basically asked me to let them know whether I was still interested in the position. Apparently, they have gone through 2 of 4 rounds of review and will update again in about two weeks about first round interviews. I'm not entirely sure what this means about my prospects.

Wittenberg update

Wittenberg University Ohio says they have made two rounds of cuts and are planning on making another round before scheduling interviews.

Still hoping

Hmm. I didn't get any such update from Wittenberg. That doesn't sound good for my application. :(

no news isn't good news

I applied to Wittenberg and didn't get that kind of update, either. So I'm guessing good sign for you, @Wittenberg update!


Florida Atlantic (bioethics) requested letters of rec. They had previously requested a writing sample.


PFO Babson

Wittenberg waiting

Thanks for the Wittenberg intel. I haven’t received any emails at all beyond the first one confirming the application. That one did note that if the applicants don’t hear from them, they weren’t considered. Still it would be nice to get a formal PFO.

Colorado State

Just got a very kind note from Colorado State that they've gone to flyouts without me.


Has anyone had an update from Mount Mary in Milwaukee, WI?

a ghost

Still no news on UC Santa Cruz Hist of Consc beyond what has been posted a few pages back?


Any word on LSU (ethics and value theory) after virtual flyouts?

the usc of it all

In case anyone hasn't received a PFO or a semifinalist notice from USC SoF and needs a laugh, per twitter & the postdoc wiki they apparently accidentally sent all 641 rejections to one applicant.

No PFO...yet

Did anyone not get a PFO from Babson? Nothing here...

Fanning the Embers

Anyone heard back after first-round interviews from Geneseo? I didn't have a sense of their timeline.

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart (L, Ancient) has notified candidates for on campus interviews, or at least one candidate. Sorry to anyone for whom this is bad news,

Needed a laugh

@ the usc of it all: holy smokes, that's crazy! Thanks for sharing!


Has anyone heard back after first-round interviews from Moravian? Any info on their timeline?

revel in the absurdity

@the usc of it all, I genuinely needed that laugh today. Thank you

plato junior scholar

CSU San Bernardino has sent out campus visit invitations.


Cal State LA is formally scheduling flyouts.

Also, @the usc of it all: lmao that is amazing. I'm sorry for that one person, they deserve 641 acceptances after this. But god damn what a circus.

Catawba the Hutt

Anyone heard anything non-PFO from Catawba College? I saw the PFO report a little while back, but I've not heard from Catawba either way.


@phew re: Morvian: lately I got asked for letters after the first interview; but if they’ve requested letters from you before the interview, this update doesn’t mean much


NIH is scheduling first round interviews for its bioethics postdoc.

A ghost without Shell

@ a ghost: Nothing here, sadly. Someone mentioned in the wiki they will have a short list by the end of February. I presume this is the case, considering they are doing two searches. If someone has any knowledge, do share with us.


Any word on Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School teaching position?


@ Moravian: Thanks for the update! I haven't received any request for letters from them either before or after my interview... Well..Um...

a ghost

@ a ghost without Shell. Thanks!


Interview request from York College

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