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Anyone know if UVA has made an offer yet?

texas state

Texas State hired someone already (announced on facebook), sorry!


Has UVA made an offer yet?


Cornell 2-year postdoc at the Sage School has made an offer

mmmm, sweet success

Just got a fun email from Emerson's Marlboro Institute telling me that I recently interviewed for their one-year position (I didn't get an interview) and asking me if I wanted to adjunct a few classes for them. It's always cool to know that you're totally not good enough for a job but totally good enough to do the exact same job for almost no money, benefits, or respect.


Any more news about Guelph?


Any news about Bristol Mind and Language position?


Any news about the Emory VAP (ancient)?


Any news on Teaching Assistant Professor in PPE at UNC Chapel Hill?

on the trail

Interview request for Oregon Institute of Technology's one year thing: https://philjobs.org/job/show/20402

not my year

Seemingly personalized PFO from the Geneva/Antwerp joint postdoc on emotion stating they have selected a candidate.

Leeds again

Leeds: Lecturer in Political Theory (ESLPO1071) PFO.


CSU San Bernardino (ancient) has made an offer

More Than My Twenteith PFO

PFO from University of Twente.


Any word from Utrecht after the initial round?

agnes scott

Agnes Scott postdoc has contacted short list

no more PFOs

PFO from Colorado State University (TT, Phil.Sci). They say they ended up hiring someone already on a TT track.


PFO CSU San Bernardino (ancient


Wednesday night I received a PFO from Texas State that said that I made it to the "second round" but that they went with another candidate. I'm not sure what the "second round" of their process involved - just not thrown in the trash, or given a serious lookover? So, I'm not 100% sure what to do with that information. But I thought it was a nice thing to say.

not my cycle

@no more PFO's was this after an interview and/or flyout?

I haven't heard anything from Colorado State since I applied, including a PFO. Obviously, I didn't get the job, but I'm curious why I didn't get a PFO either.

Wake Forest

Wake Forest Character Postdoc has made an offer


@Wake Forest which postdoc?

Chula NoVista

Any word on the position at Southwestern Community College District? Up until today, my application was showing 'in progress,' but now it has entirely disappeared from the site. There's no archived version of my app; in fact, there's no evidence that I ever applied.

Wake Forest

@ anon: This one --


no more PFOs

@not my cycle, I had no interview with them at all.


Re Wake Forest, I received an interview request last week for the other one (Pre-Law) https://philjobs.org/job/show/20134

PFO texas state

@PFrickO I received the same thing from Texas State. Not sure what it meant either.

Another Texas State email

@PFrickO, @PFO texas state, I got a similar email but with slightly different wording, saying I was in the top 10% but was not among those selected as a semifinalist. I also did not interview with them so was unsure what to make of it


First round interview request for Clark College.


@Another Texas State email: thanks. That indicates that being in the second round is probably closer to "not thrown in the trash" than it is to "given a serious lookover." I still thought it was somewhat helpful.

Sisyphus again

Any news about the UC Boulder three-year Instructor position in philosophy (i.e. the one with the May 6 deadline)?

Roaming Buff

CU Boulder three-year Instructor: I was told about a week ago that the search committee hoped to have a shortlist (of at that time undetermined length) by the end of this week. Hope that helps and good luck!


Anyone heard from RISD, Memphis, Harvard's Martin Postdoc, Louisville, Georgia Tech, or Cincinnati?


Informed earlier today by Worcester State (my second application to them after their job was seemingly re-posted a couple months ago) that the "search has been discontinued and this position will not be filled."


I was offered the University of Virginia, General Faculty position today. I expect to take it.


Any news on Vienna's university professor position or Bristol's political lecturer position? Thanks :)


any updates on Guelph - have they made an offer yet?


@philiousmonk I interviewed at Memphis two weeks ago and have yet to hear back. They said they are waiting for HR.


@philiousmonk Sorry, I was referring to Memphis.


Interview, Yale Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities

WF update

Wake Forest offer for postdoctoral fellowship in Leadership and Character has been accepted.

not my cycle

PFO from Cornell/Sage School postdoc indicating they had offered the position and the offer had been accepted.


Alvernia Future Professor Fellowship has been offered (not to me).


Anyone heard from Harvard (Martin Postdoctoral Fellow)?


Any news on aarhus, center for science studies (philosophy of data science)? It has been 6 weeks

Out in the first round anyway

PFO from Guelph, they said they've made an offer to a candidate and the candidate accepted

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