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Great Lakes Hopeful

First-round interview request from Northland College.


NTMZ, I have it on good authority that a candidate was selected for a flyout but declined, and that the department will not be hiring anyone for that line this year.


@ Jacob Hus I got it but not sure if the same happens as that to @another Moravian


has anyone heard back from Fairfield after first round interviews?


Anyone have news on the following?

- Worcester State
- UMass Amherst
- SUNY Genesee
- Swarthmore
- Wittenberg



Duke is scheduling flyouts

hopeless academic

Did anyone hear a confirmation that UCLA Phil & Law Fellow sent out interview requests? Also did anyone hear of Emory TT choose finalist for campus visits?


Leiden (theoretical/logic/AI) informed a long list of 10.


Writing sample and letter of recommendation requested for Dominican open rank, open AOS/AOC.

san ber'dino?

I take it that there is still no word on second-round interviews at Cal State San Bernardino (ancient), yeah?


Leeds has a longlist. Asked for further material to come up with shortlist.

ark of kansas

Anyone hear from Arkansas yet?

Reserve Labor

UBC Okanagan sent an email to their long-list asking them to submit letters of recommendation.


PFO from Emory moral injury post-doc.


Dominican: Is that Dominican as in Ohio Dominican U? Any other details?

Dr. Waiting

SUNY Genesee contacted about first-round zoom interviews. Anyone hear about second round for Seattle University?

so many dominicans

@Hopeful, FYI, Dominican (TT, open rank and AOS) and Ohio Dominican (TT, asst/assoc, open AOS) are two separate jobs.




Leeds hopeful

@Leeds - which job is this for? They had one lectureship in moral/political philosophy and two open (grade 7 and 8)


@Hopeful: not Ohio Dominican, just Dominican. Don't know any other details unfortunately! But the deadline was less than a week ago so I'd imagine it'll be a bit before any more news.


@Leeds hopeful I'd imagine it will be the open positions (although I can't be 100% as it looks like I didn't make the longlist...). The social/political had a lot of materials to upload with initial application, the open teaching jobs had very minimal initial materials. I'm also aware that they have completed longlisting for the open positions.

delco dreamin’

Widener (TT, open) has sent out first-round interview requests.


Harvard Safra has requested letters of rec, it seems.


Has anyone heard about SUNY Brockport or Clemson flyouts?


Haven't heard back from Brockport yet. I was told second-rounders could expect to hear something around the 19th (today).

Brandeis info?

Has anyone heard back from Brandeis yet since the first-round interviews?

UBC Okanagan follow-up

@Reserve Labor:

Uh oh. Just to clarify, did UBC Okanagan contact letter writers directly or applicants?

Reserve Labor

@UBC Okanagan Follow-up: applicants (or at least on applicant, to be careful). Sorry if that’s bad news.


any news from Syracuse about second-round?


Leeds was for social/legal/political Lecturer.

Too Bad

Received PFO for UCLA tenured position


Virtual fly-outs were sent for University of Alberta AOS: Social Epistemology and AOC: Indigenous Philosophy.


Does anyone have any news about second-round for:

- Colorado State (phil sc)
- University of Georgia (ethics, data, etc)


Second round for Trinity College (CT) TT position


Warwick (logic/phil math) has a longlist.


@C'mon: Nothing yet on Georgia for me. I know they were still doing interviews last week, though, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they're still deliberating.


Is the UCSC search legit, or are they just seeing who’s out there?


PFO from second round at SUNY Brockport.


I heard from a good source that UCSC has made their initial decisions, but they are waiting for approval from administration before contacting people. So it should be any day.

UCSC which one

@posted_postdoc and @Waiting to be clear are you referring to the Philosophy department search? or to the Hist Consciousness search?


@UCSCwhichone Philosophy: https://philjobs.org/job/show/17838


What's happening with the Irvine job?!? (Philosophy of cognitive science, linguistics, etc)

Gannon wtf

still nothing from Gannon about the second round?!

postdoc hopeless

PFO from McMaster: "We received 127 complete applications for this job, many of which were extremely strong. I believe I can speak on behalf of the whole search committee when I say we were both impressed and humbled by the quality of our applicant pool this year. Many excellent applicants failed to advance. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to learn about you and your work, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours."


Flyout, second round SUNY Brockport.


Loyola Chicago has scheduled flyouts for their moral theory position


USF scheduling fly outs.


Dartmouth (post doc) interview requests sent.


@dead Worcester State scheduled first round interviews. Sorry for the bad news.

Simon Fraser is scheduling flyouts.


Clemson flyout


@bird Ah man. Oh well. Thanks for letting us know, and best luck, friend.


have others received clemson flyouts?


Has anyone heard anything about Northeastern's Teaching Professor Position (https://philjobs.org/job/show/19157)?

Re Postdoc

I have heard nothing from Clemson after first round. As usual not holding my breath, especially after the report above.


Interviews for the UCSD postdoc in practical ethics have been scheduled.

PFO aficionado

Anyone heard from UT Austin (history)?


UCSD (Practical Ethics postdoc) interviews scheduling.

Options Dwindling

PFO from WUSTL (interdisciplinary postdoc) and McMaster (TT)


PFO from the Washington University in St. Louis Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry Fellowship.


Syracuse fly out


First round interview for Guelph postdoc (phil bio);
Haven't heard anything from Fairfield after first round interviews; nothing from Northeastern teaching, though my letter writers got requests from them last week.

Villanova Supernova

Hey Villanova people, any news about campus interviews?


PFO from Furman. Oh well.

U Mass

PFO U Mass Amherst


PFO from Furman


PFO UMass Amherst TT

U Mass question

@U Mass: did you receive an email about the rejection?

Thank you!

UMass seconded

My UMass PFO came a little later. That's a win.

postdoc news

Any news about

Stanford McCoy General ethics fellowship
Princeton Louis Skolnick postdoc
Rutgers Mellon postdoc?


postdoc hopeless

PFO from UMass Amherst


PFO from UMass Amherst


...anyone still waiting for their UMass Amherst rejection?

PFO Collector

@ugh I heard it was a PFOthirsty slaughter, with no one left standing, Apparently,they ran out of names and had to start send them to applicants from other departments too.


any word from the emory bioethics postdoc?

amherst long list hopeful

@ugh I still haven't received one. it could mean anything but if we haven't gotten anything in a few days including an interview invite I would surmise we made the longlist


University of Mary has contacted interviewees

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