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anxious too

No, nothing from : Worcester State, Brandeis, or Utah State. But if Harvard (also an October 15) is only scheduling interviews today, then I will refrain from concluding that it's "probably not a good thing."


Anon and wait what: My understanding, from talking to faculty and grad students at Princeton, is that they simply read apps and make offers without first round interviews or flyouts. I take it this is based on social psychology and business research that suggests interviews are noisy, biased, and unhelpful. Seems like a great idea to me, to be honest.


PFO and Anon: thank you! Lol


Can confirm Utah State is still reviewing apps.


Has anyone received PFO from Seattle's philosophy of science job?


Did anyone who applied for the UCLA clinical ethics fellowship due yesterday get an email about doing an incredibly tedious and long personality assessment? The email says "Please note that we are unable to consider your application until you complete the online assessment." and I'm wondering how seriously to take that.


Thanks, @Carleton #2 and good luck!

HR bullshit

@clinical yes, I also received that email-- I was incredibly annoyed! I was worried my application wouldn't actually go through so I ended up doing it, but that might have been too paranoid of me. I was already on the fence about applying to this position in the first place and wouldn't have even bothered if I'd known I'd have to fill out a 100-question HR survey in order for it to count. Search committees, please stop wasting vulnerable job market applicants' time!


Rice is scheduling first-round interviews.

Oh well

@rolling I applied to both of the Seattle U jobs (science and phil mind/psychology) and was not contacted for an interview for either position when others were on here but have not received any PFOs either. Tbh I'm assuming this indicates a PFO on both fronts, but I could be wrong!


@Oh well, thank you for your response! I'll just forget about that job!

ball of stress

Has anyone heard anything from NYU (either TT or Bersoff)? Or have a sense of when they usually schedule interviews for the Bersoff?

new york, new york

@ball of stress: there aren't any interviews for the Bersoff. They are usually decided mid-December. At least judging from last year's thread, everyone finds out around the same time (PFO, got it, or alternate). Hope that helps!

I am completely speculating here, but I think that might suggest that we won't hear anything about TT until around then either (but I guess it depends on if they do interviews for that or go straight to fly outs). Last year, a bunch of places went straight to fly outs, and it sounds like that might be the norm for some fancy schools anyway.


Hey y'all, could we maybe save this thread for updates and use the discussion thread for other stuff? Having discussions on here makes the thread longer than it needs to be and that makes it harder to find out news.

ball of stress

@new york, new york: thanks so much, that's super helpful!

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