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KCL (Lecturer, Epistemology) notified short-listed candidates last week.

on the market

KCL (Lecturer, Ethics) PFO.
KCL (Lecturer, Political Philosophy) scheduled interviews, asked for letters.


PFO from St. Norbert College (business ethics)
First round interview from SIU-E (business ethics)

on the market

PFO tenure track position in Social Philosophy at Erasmus School of Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Any news on the Senior Researcher position in Practical Philosophy at Lund would be much appreciated.


If you're applying to Sophia, you will receive an email when your mailed application arrives.


a question about this thread: is it okay for people to post updates about jobs that are not in philosophy departments, but which philosophers are likely to apply to (e.g., moral psychology jobs in psychology or cognitive science departments, AI ethics jobs in computer science departments, political theory jobs in political science departments, )? If so, would it be possible to advertise this and make this a norm, so that those applying to such jobs should expect to find updates here?

Marcus Arvan

anon: That's entirely fine! As long as they are jobs that philosophers would plausibly apply to, feel free to report on them. Just specify what department(s) the jobs are in so that people don't confuse them with straight-up philosophy jobs. I'll note this in an update to the OP above.


Trinity Christian College, online interview scheduled.

Curious in Texas

Has anyone heard from CU Denver/Anschutz Med re: the Assistant Prof ad with the very early deadline? I'm wondering if this is actually a real search or just them hedging their bets in case their person with precisely these areas of expertise gets a better offer while going up for tenure...


First round interview for Oakland University bioethics TT


Did St. Francis schedule interviews yet?

Shared concern

@Curious in Texas--I applied to CU Denver and have not heard anything back yet. Finger's crossed it's a real search

St. Francis applicant

@Anon--I applied to St. Francis but haven't heard anything back. Did they confirm receipt of your application in any way? It kind of makes me nervous that I haven't heard back from them in any capacity.


Re: st francis

I emailed to inquire about status of application. Here's the response I got:

"Good Afternoon,
The search committee is currently reviewing the applications."

St. Francis applicant

@yo--thanks for that update!


First round interview from Santa Clara (TT Business Ethics)


PFO from Oxford Early Career Research Fellow in AI. That was fast.


CU Denver first-round interview requests went out

Curious in Texas

Thanks for the update on CU Denver, anonymous.


What is this CU Denver job? I don't think I saw a listing.


Center for Medical Ethics & Health Policy at Baylor College of Medicine sent out interview requests


In the spirit of the "Update": Princeton (political theory) has gone to fly outs.

Curious in Texas

@hapless the CU Denver job had a really early deadline (in Sept) and only asked for CV, letter of intent, and contact info for three references. This is why @shared concern and I wondered whether it was a real search. Apparently it is if someone has confirmed a first round interview invite.


UVA Darden business ethics sent invitations for first round interviews

Not that kind of postdoctor

PFO from the Turing Institute postdoc (advertised on jobs.ac.uk).

live free or die?

Dartmouth (Gov't, African American Politics & Political Thought) is interviewing finalists.

not going to princeton

@AnonPhD thanks for the update. I was asked for extra materials a while ago and hadn't heard anything at all since then. I wonder if they just asked everyone for extra material.

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