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So you know

UNC Charlotte second round chosen already.

postdoc 1

Alden March bioethics postdoc is scheduling second-round interviews


Has anyone heard anything from Babson?

Santa Cruz

So if Santa Cruz emailed some people about their delay and not others, should those who didn't get an email assume that they're not needed?


UT Austin (history) anyone? UCSD?

re: babson

Babson has scheduled/is scheduling second round interviews

Mr. X

@Santa Cruz who said anyone was contacted? :o


re: Babson

Can you share more information, like when you were contacted? Wondering if there's still a shot...

Ucsc long shot

On the previous page, someone spoke of UCSC
I heard from a good source that UCSC has made their initial decisions, but they are waiting for approval from administration before contacting people. So it should be any day.

Posted by: posted_postdoc"

Labor reservist

Any word on CSU Bakersfield Epistemology?

plato junior scholar

@san ber'dino? I have not yet heard from them either. I thought they would notify last week (given what they said at the first round interview). Anyone heard about the next round at CSU San Bernardino (ancient, TT)?


any word on LSU second round interviews for social & political?


Anyone heard from Williams College VAP?


Has anyone heard from U-Tenn Knoxville (Modern Phil) yet?

Straight Shooter

@LSU2electricboogaloo There were two different LSU jobs. Are you talking about this one? https://philjobs.org/job/show/18525
Was there news about a first round for it? I only recall seeing news about the other one (in Value Theory) https://philjobs.org/job/show/18625

No Assumptions

PFO from Assumption University (Open), after first round. Nice letter (class act).


Any word from UVA after the first round?


@philbuddy I got a zoom interview request from Williams over the weekend. Sorry to bear bad news


@No Assumptions, agreed. In the same boat and really appreciated a prompt and individualized email. Other institutions, take note!


UC Santa Cruz interview/job talk invitation

Ski or die

Any news about flyouts for colorado state (phil sc, phil bio)?


Request for writing sample from Florida Atlantic (TT: Ancient).

rat mouth

Florida Atlantic (TT, ancient) is requesting writing samples.

@plato junior scholar, some rejections following first-round interviews at CSU San Bernardino (TT, ancient) have gone out. If you haven't gotten one, this is probably a good sign for you. Good luck!


@countryroads, UVA have invited four people to give job-talks for the political philosophy position. Not sure if you have another position in mind. I think they have also invited some people for the philosophy of race position, but not 100% on that.

UCSC HistCon Keep The Dream Alive

@SantaCruzNews I have to double check: you are talking about the Philosophy dept position? Not the History of Consciousness, correct?

Also, congrats!


Anybody heard from Fairfield yet since first rounds?


@fairfield - haven't heard anything after first rounds either

Florida mind?

Has anyone heard from the Florida Atlantic mind job?


@UCSC HistCon Keep The Dream Alive: yes, Phil dept TT


@sisyphus @fairfield - me neither


Thanks for the heads up WCVAP. Best of luck to you!


UT Knoxville flyout invitation (sorry to those who will be disappointed by this news…)


Weird PFO from Arkansas. “It has been determined that you do not meet all the required qualifications as outlined in the position announcement.” The minimum qualifications for the job? “Ph.D. in Philosophy conferred by the start of employment. Evidence of potential for excellence in research. Evidence of potential for excellence in teaching.” I have a PhD, so I guess I fail on one of the other two measures!


PFO Arkansas. "It has been determined that you do not meet all the required qualifications as outlined in the position announcement." lol cool thanks


Also got the same ridiculous PFO from Arkansas (do not meet all the required qualifications). Nice letter guys!

re: babson re: LSU

Babson second round was initially scheduled the week after the first round and then rescheduled in late December because of Omicron

LSU social/political final round is a virtual campus visit scheduled last week.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!


@Arkansas - that's actually the official reason why people get PFOs. In all searches one has to - for HR department - state the reason why a candidate does not qualify and hence has not been offered an interview/flyout. Because,in some sense, all qualified candidates should be interviewed. Of course, this squares rather badly with what is actually going on but if the HR is telling them how to deal with these matters, this is what they have to say.


@Arkansas I got the same PFO. Poorly worded for sure.


@Arkansas I got the same email! I have to say it stings a bit more than other PFOs


@Straight Shooter: yes, the LSU social and political position; the first round interviews for it were earlier this month, so looking for news about the second round.


I didn’t get an Arkansas pfo yet. Anyone had good news from them?


@Curious -- I got a nice email from the chair of the committee indicating that they were interested in my candidacy and that they were hoping to schedule interviews as soon as next week.

Oh well

@Jagged - thank you for that information, it takes a little of the sting out!


@politicalphilosophy thanks and congrats! Wonder what this means for people who got neither one… probably not good haha

by any chance?

Has anyone heard from the Institute of Philosophy at Leibniz Universität Hannover? It's a 3-year postdoc position (values and science).


Has anyone not heard from UMass yet? Or received an interview?


@politicalphilosophy, just to clarify, was this an email to schedule interviews or just a sort of heads up that they’ll be scheduling interviews soon email?

news of the world

For those of you noting the very official "POFs" from departments, realize that this is a consequence of the litigious culture in America. Institutions have no choice - even one law case is very expensive for an under funded state university. I know, because I worked at one. First, legal costs quickly become very high. Second, anything like that is a PR disaster and will lead parents to send their kids to some other state college, maybe 100 miles away. So instead of seeing as a heartless response, realize it is part of the fabric of American culture.


@Curious -- it's always hard to tell. My guess is that these kinds of emails go out after a first cut has been made but before they've finalized a list. Those that are qualified but not at the top of the list get radio silence (in case some of their choices don't pass HR screening or something). But who knows. Fingers crossed for you.

@Arkansas: it was not a request to schedule interviews. It read to me like a heads up that I should expect an email to schedule an interview pending HR approval. But I'm reading tea leaves.

Not headed to northeastern

Northeastern is scheduling on campus interviews. (Health care ethics job)

Gentle nudge to keep discussion to the discussion thread and off of this (reporting) thread.

Arkansas email said interviews would be scheduled soon and was not yet for scheduling them. (I’m not identical with the above poster but also received it.)


PFO Utrecht University (ethical theory, etc.). Kinda expected. It was outside my AOS. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Anyone heard from Michigan State (TT, Bioethics)? They completed first-round interviews last week.

first time poster long time seeker

CUA (medieval) has moved to fly-outs.


Nothing from Villanova yet?

california dreaming

Any news on these history jobs?

UC, San Diego
Cal State Sacramento


@re: babson re: LSU thanks!


I know, secondhand, of one UC-San Diego (history) Zoom-out.

boop boop

@ california dreaming

CSU-Sacramento (TT, history or metaphysics) moved to flyouts

some news

Loyola Chicago for Phenomenology finally sent their flyout invites

not actually texas dreamin', just wantin' to get it off the spreadsheet

Any word yet on UT Austin (history)?


Does anyone have news from Cal State LA after the first round?


Has anybody heard anything from either the applied epistemology postdoc at UNC or the political theory project postdoc at Brown?


Any news from Aberdeen?


@waiting: nope, nothing on my end either
@thatguy: nothing from UNC here (didn't apply to Brown)


@boop boop Did you get an invitation email already? I guess I got ghosted then...


@oudeis: Do you know if the UC-San Diego history Zoom-out (not first-round?) is for the Allison Chair or the Assistant-level position?

UT (history)

@not actually Texas dreamin’: I don’t think I’ve seen anything in this thread about UT Austin (history), but I know that one candidate gave a job talk about two weeks ago. I know nothing else. Since it’s an open-rank search, they might be interviewing higher ranked faculty who wouldn’t be on here posting about it. Just a guess. Anyway, sorry, I hope that info is helpful.


UCSD is scheduling flyouts (but I dont think they've scheduled all of them yet)


Any news from Loyola New Orleans (political/law/race) after first-round interviews?


Alfred has extended an invitation for an on-campus interview.


Has anyone heard from the following:

Florida A&M
Concordia Ann Arbor
Bowie State
Mt. Saint Mary's
Mount Sinai
University of Houston Clear Lake
Loras College
Utah Valley
Mount Mary


Writing sample requested from Florida Atlantic (Bioethics)

oh well

pfo from Sophia (Japan)


PFO Sophia


Has anyone heard from Northland College?


@KA Northland College has scheduled first round interviews


@Anon: Which UCSD job?


Just received a PFO from Arkansas with different wording— "We were fortunate to receive applications from several highly qualified candidates and regret that we can not (sic) extend a job offer to you at this time." I don't know if that means I was close to making the longlist or what, but it does make the rather rude wording of the earlier PFOs even worse in context.


@Mittens: Nothing from Michigan State (TT, Bioethics) after the first interview.


@Arkansas Maybe they stalk the job board and were appropriately so chagrined by the reaction to their initial wording that they changed it.

York cog sci

York Cog Sci job talk invitation.


@postdoc I’m also waiting to hear anything from University of Houston Clear Lake. Nothing yet, but I’ll report if I do!

(Somewhat less) Post-Hope, Pre-grad

Just received an interview request from Swarthmore.


UMASS straight to fly out from over 500 applicants.

UVA second round scheduled.


First round (Zoom) interview request from Arkansas.


We're approaching a month from the deadline, anyone hear from Brock University (Canada) yet?

postdoc hopeless

Finally got my PFO from the Loyola University Chicago moral theory search

Curious to know

Any news from anyone about Wittenberg and Kwantlen?

Many thanks!

In a (temporary) non-academic position

@Arkansas I got that one too. I just assumed that someone from Arkansas read the comments in the post and decided to change the wording.


Middle Tennessee State (19th century philosophy) interview requests sent.

In a (temporary) non-academic position

Denvor PFO for Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Job Requisition 494287.

Zero Percent Surprised

PFO from Denver


@middleotennessee,are you referring to first or second round interview requests?


@postdoc Utah Valley did first round interviews almost 2 weeks ago, no news on second round here

Villanova please

Anyone got a campus interview from Villanova?


I know someone who got a (virtual) fly-out at MSU bioethics.


@MiddTenn, I just received a first-round request today... was there already a first-round?


@msu When were they notified?


@middleotennessee, I had a first-round interview last week. I got the impression the process might take awhile; they may be doing things in waves. Best of luck to you.


Butler has apparently informed some people about flyouts.

Any word from JHU bioethics postdoc?

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