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Villanova interview invitations are out

UCSC Hist Con

Anyone have any UC Santa Cruz History of Consciousness info?

on the deets beat

sunnyside and anon, which San Diego job(s) are you referring to? There were two History of Philosophy ads and one for Environmental Philosophy or Philosophy of Biology.


@on the deets beat: I was referring to the AI ethics job at USD. I believe the jobs you mentioned are at UCSD.


Has anyone heard from Sam Houston State University (Phil.Sci.) after the first-round interview?


Anyone hear anything about second round interviews for the Wake Forest Mind position?

Axing for a Friend

Anyone heard from Wheaton (TT) in MA about second-round interviews?

Post-hope, Pre-Grad

Just got the Wheaton College 2nd round PFO.


Has anyone heard about northwestern flyouts?


Ohio Northern is scheduling on-campus interviews for their TT and renewable positions.

trying my best

interview invites for Villanova were sent out!

Xmas spirit

Northwestern notified that they're experiencing a delay due to circumstances beyond their control and will be notifying about fly outs next week.

Swartherst? Amore?

Anyone heard from UMass Amherst (ethics) or Swarthmore (political)?

Austin Update

@Joe: I got an email from the search committee chair. It appeared to be individualised. (I hope you'll understand my declining to share further details.)


I believe UMass Amherst is not moving forward with things until later in January. Also the job is open AOS, just in case your post confuses anyone.

Curiously waiting

Has anyone heard about the Dartmouth (race), Princeton (open), Rutgers (race) or Stanford postdocs? (Ethics)

Also interested

@ UCSC Hist Con , I am also very interested in those news, especially since it is my last hope. Please do share if you happen to know something. And good luck to you !


@Austin update. Thanks for the info! So it might take time to get it.


Has there been any update on the logic/phil of science position at UC Irvine?


Has anyone heard from Rice after first-round interviews?


Ohio Northern on-campus (2nd round) invite.


Has anyone heard from the Yale Cognitive Science job?


California State - Sacramento (history or metaphysics TT) is scheduling 1st round interviews.

Won't be in Toronto

PFO -- Ryerson U (Kant, Early Modern) will not be requiring my services. Says there were 70 applications, and the strongest pool of applicants since at least 2006.

Scottish feminism

PFO Edinburgh (feminist philosophy)


Michigan State University's Center for Bioethics and Social Justice has begun scheduling first round interviews for their tenure stream position

no MSU

@MSU I tried to apply for that job a few days ago because the job ad on philjobs says the deadline is Jan 15, but I wasn't able to click through the link to the actual application listing... all it said was "Sorry, we can't provide additional information about this job right now". What was the actual due date?! It must've been quite a while earlier if they're already scheduling interviews. What a frustrating bummer that the phil jobs ad was apparently very wrong


Any updates on the Moravian TT job? Any reference letter request or any sort of news?


Any updates on the Santa Cruz (philosophy department) TT job?


PFO from Northwestern after first-round interview. :(

ucsc consciousness

Re: Santa Cruz History of Consciousness -- where did you see that ad posted? Was it on PhilJobs? Interested in expanding my search beyond philosophy, but not sure where the jobs are.


Pfo from Northwestern after 1st round. Fk me.


Has anyone had an interview request for the Edinburgh tech ethics job? Didn't get the PFO that others got recently, but also haven't gotten any positive news.


Does anyone have updates for Loyola Chicago or Seattle U after the first round?


@no MSU - yeah, the deadline on the philjobs ad was incorrect. The actual deadline was Jan. 6 (though on the university's HR site, it said they began reviewing applications on 12/1!). I got lucky, in that I just happened to click through to the application site last week and was able to get my materials in under the wire. Up to that point I was operating on the belief that applications were due on the 15th as well.

Japan dreaming

Anyone hear more from Sophia after that first round of rejections a couple months back?


Has anyone heard from Syracuse about second-round (or know exactly when we'll hear)? I suspect they will move quick given their (virtual) fly out timeline.

UC curious

Has anyone heard about UCSD (history, assistant professor, TT) or UCSC (open)? I know people have asked about these before, but I don't think I've seen an answer. I think both UC campuses are back in session (remote) and the applications were due ages ago. Should I just assume I'm out of the running?


Albany Medical College (bioethics postdoc) has started scheduling first round interviews.


@UC Curious: I don't know anyone who's heard from UCSC. I'm also surprised by their delay. A friend emailed them awhile ago asking for their timeline, and never got a response. I wouldn't infer you're out though!

Also, was just looking at the Phil jobs page again, it gives a deadline but also suggests that applications are rolling. Perhaps that could've led to delays? Not sure, as other places say that but were much quicker. https://philjobs.org/job/show/17838


Interview request from Sacred Heart (lectureship)


Interview request from Rutgers (population level bioethics post-doc).


Anybody with news from Middle Tennessee State?


NYU Center for Bioethics (one year renewable position) says that they have a long list and will be making a short list later this month.


PFO Michigan LSA Postdoc

Queens Curious

Anybody anything from Queens College (CUNY)? I received an e-mail around the middle of December asking for more materials but haven't heard anything since.

Curious about Butler's Dates

I saw, above, that Butler moved to first-round invites. But, as another poster noted, the email response does still say the 17th. Has anyone else received a Butler invite besides the one person who noted that they did?


St norbert mind tt scheduled 2nd round interviews.


re: Curious about Butler's Dates

I received an invite and so did someone else I know in the same subfield


@Japan dreaming Sophia is still assessing applications

Mr X

Stanford embedded ethics interview and NYU bioethics longlist


Stanford embedded ethics interview request + (belated) PFO from Edinburgh (philosophy of technology)


PFO UC San Diego Institute for Practical Ethics postdoc. Good luck to everyone still in the running!


Ursinus has moved to fly-outs.


First-round interview invitation from Middle Tennessee State University (19th c.)


Has anyone heard back from U San Diego about campus visits? I believe they said they planned to reach out to those selected sometime this week, but I didn't hear from them (and wondering what I should infer from that).


@Anon, I’ve been waiting too! Expected at least someone to have heard this week. Been watching this board closely.


any updates on any of the following, weird how long things are taking this year:

UC Santa Cruz



Wake Forest epistemology fly out invitation

Getting used to the stress

@whattimeline I can’t speak for Swat, but for the others:

No one seems to have heard from Oklahoma, but they had a late deadline (12/10), so, assuming they took a few days off for the holidays, they aren’t really behind schedule.

No one seems to have heard from UCSC either, though one poster said a few pages ago that they didn’t expect to have decisions until late January. That seems reasonable as they must have received something like 500 applications (given that they are one of three open searches in a choice location with a low course load, and one of the others, Brandeis, said they received almost 600).

I know it’s crazy stressful—I’m right there with you—but we should give the search committee folks the same leeway with timelines we like to have our students give us with returning grades.


Still no word from Gannon after first round interviews?? It’s now been six weeks so I’m thinking surely they’ve moved to fly outs?


Anyone get a Wake Forest flyout for the Mind job?

Another applicant

@WFUMind? Yes, I got an invite for flyout to Wake Forest for the Mind position. Apologies for the bad news.

PFO Collector

Anyone heard from UT Austin (history) about interviews?


Oklahoma (metaphysics) notified 15 finalists, sounds like they will go straight to a fly out short list in February.

What Did I Miss

UCLA info?


UCLA has notified a long list

Hoping for PFOs

Is that for the tenured position at UCLA? Thanks for the update. I'm getting really tired of hearing crickets from all the schools I applied to.


yes, sorry for the tenured position.

Mr. X

Request for additional materials from Emory (Bioethics). Namely, a writing sample (this could have been part of the original application and I may have missed it. Not sure)


Minot State, a job advertised exclusively on HigherEd jobs had a deadline of Dec 15.

Has anyone heard from them?

Application query

Any news on:

Uni Arkansas
Ohio Dominican
Kwantlen polytechnic



To clarify, no news on:

1. U of San Diego

2. Louisiana State (ethics)



@makingsure I also have not heard anything from U of San Diego.


What's the status of the USC science/social TT job?


USC has scheduled fly outs.


USD has apparently scheduled on-campus interviews for the data ethics position.


LSU (ethics and value theory - https://philjobs.org/job/show/18625) has moved to virtual fly outs.


UMontreal radio silence, still?


Any news from Irvine?


Any news about UT Austin, Swarthmore, or Tennessee Knoxville?


any news about... jobs...


@anon - I received a first-round interview invite from Minot State a week ago


Has anyone received a second-round interview invite from Sam Houston State University?


Any news about 2nd round for Gonzaga?

Chipper Flipper

Has anyone heard anything from University of Houston-Clear Lake?


UCLA Hearsay

Secondhand source reports that UCLA has notified a longest for Law & Phil postdoc. Any confirmation?

Mr. O

Dartmouth society of fellows interviews have been scheduled


@MarketNoob Sorry, I have it on good authority that fly-outs are happening for finalists at Gonzaga.


@gonz thanks for letting me know!

Dept member

Florida State has contacted finalists.


Moravian is scheduling interviews!

Jacob Hus

@Moravian Did they contact you first requesting letters of recommendation?

another Moravian

@ Jacob Hus, I also received an interview invitation from Moravian. But I don't think my letter writers were contacted or my Interfolio letters have been pulled. So, maybe they are proceeding without letters.


Has anyone heard about second round interviews at Rice (bioethics)?


Still no word about MIT's Ethics (and Technology) TT Job? Surely they must have moved on by now...


PFO Assumption University


@Nmtz The TT search was carried out but MIT won't be making an appointment this year.

Sam Houston

Sam Houston second round invites are out!

Also rice

@Rice Still waiting 😬😬😬 I feel crazy. Didn't they say early January?! It's no longer early January!

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