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Great Lakes Hopeful

First-round interview request from Northland College.


NTMZ, I have it on good authority that a candidate was selected for a flyout but declined, and that the department will not be hiring anyone for that line this year.


@ Jacob Hus I got it but not sure if the same happens as that to @another Moravian


has anyone heard back from Fairfield after first round interviews?


Anyone have news on the following?

- Worcester State
- UMass Amherst
- SUNY Genesee
- Swarthmore
- Wittenberg



Duke is scheduling flyouts

hopeless academic

Did anyone hear a confirmation that UCLA Phil & Law Fellow sent out interview requests? Also did anyone hear of Emory TT choose finalist for campus visits?


Leiden (theoretical/logic/AI) informed a long list of 10.


Writing sample and letter of recommendation requested for Dominican open rank, open AOS/AOC.

san ber'dino?

I take it that there is still no word on second-round interviews at Cal State San Bernardino (ancient), yeah?


Leeds has a longlist. Asked for further material to come up with shortlist.

ark of kansas

Anyone hear from Arkansas yet?

Reserve Labor

UBC Okanagan sent an email to their long-list asking them to submit letters of recommendation.


PFO from Emory moral injury post-doc.


Dominican: Is that Dominican as in Ohio Dominican U? Any other details?

Dr. Waiting

SUNY Genesee contacted about first-round zoom interviews. Anyone hear about second round for Seattle University?

so many dominicans

@Hopeful, FYI, Dominican (TT, open rank and AOS) and Ohio Dominican (TT, asst/assoc, open AOS) are two separate jobs.




Leeds hopeful

@Leeds - which job is this for? They had one lectureship in moral/political philosophy and two open (grade 7 and 8)


@Hopeful: not Ohio Dominican, just Dominican. Don't know any other details unfortunately! But the deadline was less than a week ago so I'd imagine it'll be a bit before any more news.

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