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KCL (Lecturer, Epistemology) notified short-listed candidates last week.

on the market

KCL (Lecturer, Ethics) PFO.
KCL (Lecturer, Political Philosophy) scheduled interviews, asked for letters.


PFO from St. Norbert College (business ethics)
First round interview from SIU-E (business ethics)

on the market

PFO tenure track position in Social Philosophy at Erasmus School of Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Any news on the Senior Researcher position in Practical Philosophy at Lund would be much appreciated.


If you're applying to Sophia, you will receive an email when your mailed application arrives.


a question about this thread: is it okay for people to post updates about jobs that are not in philosophy departments, but which philosophers are likely to apply to (e.g., moral psychology jobs in psychology or cognitive science departments, AI ethics jobs in computer science departments, political theory jobs in political science departments, )? If so, would it be possible to advertise this and make this a norm, so that those applying to such jobs should expect to find updates here?

Marcus Arvan

anon: That's entirely fine! As long as they are jobs that philosophers would plausibly apply to, feel free to report on them. Just specify what department(s) the jobs are in so that people don't confuse them with straight-up philosophy jobs. I'll note this in an update to the OP above.


Trinity Christian College, online interview scheduled.

Curious in Texas

Has anyone heard from CU Denver/Anschutz Med re: the Assistant Prof ad with the very early deadline? I'm wondering if this is actually a real search or just them hedging their bets in case their person with precisely these areas of expertise gets a better offer while going up for tenure...


First round interview for Oakland University bioethics TT


Did St. Francis schedule interviews yet?

Shared concern

@Curious in Texas--I applied to CU Denver and have not heard anything back yet. Finger's crossed it's a real search

St. Francis applicant

@Anon--I applied to St. Francis but haven't heard anything back. Did they confirm receipt of your application in any way? It kind of makes me nervous that I haven't heard back from them in any capacity.


Re: st francis

I emailed to inquire about status of application. Here's the response I got:

"Good Afternoon,
The search committee is currently reviewing the applications."

St. Francis applicant

@yo--thanks for that update!


First round interview from Santa Clara (TT Business Ethics)


PFO from Oxford Early Career Research Fellow in AI. That was fast.


CU Denver first-round interview requests went out

Curious in Texas

Thanks for the update on CU Denver, anonymous.


What is this CU Denver job? I don't think I saw a listing.


Center for Medical Ethics & Health Policy at Baylor College of Medicine sent out interview requests


In the spirit of the "Update": Princeton (political theory) has gone to fly outs.

Curious in Texas

@hapless the CU Denver job had a really early deadline (in Sept) and only asked for CV, letter of intent, and contact info for three references. This is why @shared concern and I wondered whether it was a real search. Apparently it is if someone has confirmed a first round interview invite.


UVA Darden business ethics sent invitations for first round interviews

Not that kind of postdoctor

PFO from the Turing Institute postdoc (advertised on jobs.ac.uk).

live free or die?

Dartmouth (Gov't, African American Politics & Political Thought) is interviewing finalists.

not going to princeton

@AnonPhD thanks for the update. I was asked for extra materials a while ago and hadn't heard anything at all since then. I wonder if they just asked everyone for extra material.


@not going to Princeton: I know of a few people who were asked for extra materials, and a few people who weren't. So you probably made something like a very long list. I'd take it as a positive signal!


FSU asked me for a writing sample, but they also forgot to include a request for a writing sample in their ad. So maybe they're doing it for everyone.

not going to princeton

@AnonPhD ah good to know. Thanks!


PFO from Darden, which was then taken back. Seems they’re having some system issues.


Longlisted for Bristol postdoc

postdoc hopeful

Washington & Lee has started sending out first-round interview invitations for the TT position in theoretical ethics.

also applied

@postdoc hopeful do you know when W&L started sending invitations? Bummer.

postdoc hopeful

@also applied, I'm not sure when they started sending them out, but I received an invite yesterday afternoon.


SIUE bus ethics has gone to flyouts. Or, at least, they notified me that I did not get one.


Has anyone heard about second round interviews for the following? Santa Clara (bus ethics), Oakland (bioethics), or Trinity Christian?


Has anyone heard from Oakland University's Special Instructor in Logic job?

another pd

Oakland (bioethics) has scheduled second round interviews


@another pd, when did you get the Oakland bioethics second round request?

perpetual adjunct

Has anyone heard from U Dallas, Gonzaga, or Worcester State?


University of Dallas has sent out first-round interview requests.


@perpetualadjunct, I applied to all three and haven't heard back, though Gonzaga's due date was only a couple of days ago.

not a logician

@KA: Oakland was holding first-round interviews for the Special Instructor (Logic) job around the end of last week

indiana dreamin'

Purdue (ancient philosophy search) has requested letters, no word on interviews

Also likes Indiana

Any news on the other Purdue jobs? Are the searches on different timelines?

indiana dreamin'

@Also likes Indiana, the various Purdue searches have different chairs so I'm guessing that they're on different timelines.


Did anyone get a second interview at St. Francis?

Any news on Mount St. Mary's?

anon ancient

Cal State San Bernardino (TT, ancient) has notified first-round interview candidates (or so I'm told by other applicants).

almond milk

@anon ancient: that was fast... it hasn't even been 48 hours since the deadline.

anon ancient, who prefers oat milk

@almond milk and re: Cal State San Bernardino (ancient), indeed it was. The story that I've gotten from two people is that they've notified candidates that will be "moving on to the next phase of the search," requesting documents, no interviews scheduled yet.

Usually I don't post secondhand info on here, but since I've now heard it twice it seems worth posting.


@crickets---when did St. Francis do first round interviews?


@anon they did mine about 2.5 weeks ago. They said the first stage was going to be a lengthy process because they had a lot of applications to get through.

I'm not sure how long they can take, though, because the position begins in January.

Bill Vanderburgh

As the chair of the CSU San Bernardino search, let me clarify. We have barely begun evaluating candidates. The email that candidates received was automated. It is meant to indicate that they have advanced from "applied" to "under consideration". I didn't even realize the system would be sending those notices, or I would have tried to change the wording. The department has a meeting scheduled for mid-November to begin building our list for preliminary interviews by Zoom, and we hope to schedule those to take place in the second week of December.


Thanks so much, Bill, for sharing that information!

It would be great if other chairs or members of search committees would share similar timelines of their searches, which may as well be public but typically aren't, either in this thread or elsewhere. Is there a way you (Marcus Arvan) might facilitate this, for those search committee chairs or members who are able and willing to share such information?

anon ancient

@Bill Vanderburgh, many thanks for the clarification re: Cal State San Bernardino (ancient).

@ everyone else, very genuine apologies for spreading misleading, second-hand information. This message board's success requires that the information be trustworthy. That two fellow candidates (both my friends) got responses about this search that I as another applicant haven't gotten suggested to me that there was some kind of news to report. Apparently not.

@information, that is really an excellent idea. The amount of anxiety, not to mention time, that would be saved if search information had a central, reliable source is difficult to quantify. I imagine it would be a ton of work to compile, but this is a praiseworthy mission.


Interviews scheduled for "The Metaphysical Unity of Science" postdoc at Bristol.

Marcus Arvan

information: Sure, I’ll try running an open thread tomorrow where search committees can disclose their timelines if they are able and willing!

Former European applicant

In certain countries in north-western Europe it is fairly standard to include an anticipated timeline in job ads (e.g., expected interview dates, including second-round interviews if they plan to have them). These are not binding but are usually accurate. I don't see why U.S. jobs couldn't put this information in their PhilJobs ads.


Has anyone heard anything about the Manchester job? The deadline was only three weeks ago, but they say that they want someone to start in the new year so thought they might move quickly)


University of Cambridge (university lectureship in ethics) has notified shortlisted candidates.


Anyone hear from UBaltimore about the Hoffberger Fellowship? It has a January start date, so I'd imagine that they'd need to move fast.

ethical anonn

anyone has heard from Harvard for ethics position?

postdoc 1

The postdoc in phenomenological psychopathology at the University of Birmingham has notified shortlisted candidates to schedule interviews

No Alabama

PFO from Birmingham-Southern College


Has anyone heard from Utah State or Seattle University?


@no1deadlilnes, I have submitted my application to Seattle University, and haven't heard from them.


Has anyone heard from University of Denver?


UNC Charlotte (ethics and data science) has requested writing samples (from a longlist of "about 25 applications," per the email).


@postdoc Denver's deadline was yesterday!

ABD but hopefully not for long

@anon Denver had conflicting information: the deadline was listed as 11/8 in the "deadline" field but 11/1 in the body of the ad and on their own webpage. That said, I haven't yet heard from them or any school with a 11/1 deadline, and I haven't seen anyone else in this thread who says they have.


CU Denver just sent PFO to first-round interviewees (or at least to one of them)

*Not to be confused with University of Denver


Purdue has requested letters of reference.


@anon: which purdue job? I think there are four!

other anon

@anon: I believe there are 4 Purdue searches going on right now. Can you clarify which one you're referring to?

thanks from hopeful future hoosier

@anon 11/10/2021 at 2:48pm, which Purdue job search is this? I think they're running four or five right now.

Curious in Texas

Broader PFO from CU Denver here (was not selected for interview). A mark in their favor in terms of better rejection practices: it arrived, arrived in a timely fashion, and was addressed to me by name.


The Purdue letter requests were for the philosophy of science search.

chicago curious

Does anyone have any news from Chicago?


Purdue philosophy of mind search sent out requests for submitting letters of recommendation.

Cautiously (but probably naively) Optimistic

Purdue is now also asking for letters in the philosophy of mind search.

yum yum

University of Missouri, Colombia is scheduling the first interview for a postdoctoral position.

postdoc 1

Gannon University has contacted people for interviews.


university of Wisconsin-Madison has asked for reference letters

postdoc 1

@annnonnn, which UW Madison search was this for?

highly anonymous

Just so people don't start panicking, if this is the metaphysics job at Madison, they got letters for junior candidates upon application--so it might be that annnonnn is a senior candidate? Anyway, if you're junior you've already sent them letters! (Or should have.)

If I told you, I'd have to kill you

University of Denver requested letters.
Also, I had the same experience as highly anonymous with the UW Madison metaphysics junior search.


Also came here to say University of Denver requested letters (though I think they were due upon application and I sent the interfolio info the wrong way, so seems like an indication they're still just reviewing apps).

Hope to help

I also had interfolio issues with the University of Denver. It may be a system thing.

in a (temporary?) non-academic position

UC Davis (Metaethics or Social/Political Philosophy) is scheduling zoom interviews.


Washington & Lee has scheduled second round interviews.


wisconsin-madison has asked for letters from junior faculty for their epistemology position.


I received confirmation my letters had been received on October 11 by U DENVER
Not sure what all this confusion is about.


@annnonnnn do you mean the metaphysics position? Sorry to ask you for more clarification, but I'm only aware of the metaphysics and the ethics/data postings for TT jobs at Madison

in a (temporary?) non-academic position

Purdue University Assistant Professor in Political Philosophy asked for letters.

highly anonymous

hi annnonnn--I don't think Madison has an epistemology job? If you know of one we don't, can you link us to it? (I thought they had a metaphysics job and a data ethics job or two...)


@yo Where did you get the confirmation from? Did you send the letters via interfolio?

Definitely too anxious

Follow-up to those who received communication from Denver and Wisconsin today: did the email requesting reference info say anything about advancing to the next round, or anything positive generally?

I think what is confusing people is that while most jobs request letters up front, and then follow up with people whose letters they for (whatever reason) don't have, a few jobs only request letters for candidates who advance past the first cut. Purdue was explicit about being in the latter camp, and thus their email request for letters, at least in the phil mind search, said "we are impressed with your application."

So what those of us who *haven't* heard from DU or UW today are wondering is, which kind of request did they send? (Neither explicitly said they were doing what Purdue is). Perhaps the UW search committee chair, who has been quite helpful in responding to other questions, can chime in as well.


@too anxious To clarify (and in agreement with 'hope to help'): the letters were requested via the interfolio link provided. I went back and looked at the ad, and the letters were required as part of the initial application but they had requested for them to be sent in a different way. My impression based on this information is that this is not in any way indicative of a cut to the applicant pool. So, if you didn't hear from them, it 99.9% isn't meaningful.

On a positive note, imo, it speaks well of them to bother to request rather than just scrapping the applications that went wrong.

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