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Champollion Triarche

Time for some real philosophers to get working on medical statistics and equations. Public discourse for a year and a half has been polluted by purported experts who anxiously parrot phrases from politicians and the media...because they want to be politicians. That would be so cool, wouldn't it? Political power finally at your grasp! Then your economy and society are destroyed, and you wonder what happened.

I suggest we all bypass the necrotic media and malevolent politicians...and communicate genuine knowledge and reasoning to the public. If we just took a little time to work on some of these logical issues involving COVID...philosophy could enjoy more prestige than at any time since 1914. And anyone who took the time to solve some problems, even small ones, would enjoy roughly the public acclaim that scholarly veterans enjoyed after 1945. (Except in Germany, that is.) At the very least, people would understand and appreciate that you took some time off from ritualized arguments to help your countries and the world....

Now go ahead, mock or ignore what I wrote and then wonder why there aren't any jobs. Kant, Nietzsche, Rawls, etc. have better things for you to do.

market onlooker

do people think that the jobs coming out might be consistently more delayed? I noticed a lot more jobs last year coming out in November and December, stretching well into the summer for some UK positions -- maybe because of covid-related uncertainty regarding teaching and travel restrictions. If that trend continues this year, that might be a reason for optimism; perhaps more jobs might be waiting in the wings than usual.

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