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SLAC Associate

If the job is within your area (i.e., if the change in emphasis hasn't somehow written you out of the ad entirely), you should absolutely apply again, for all the reasons that Marcus mentioned. It's impossible to know from the outside what is going on with the internal dynamics of the search committee, and it's very possible that someone who got overlooked in one search turns into a committee darling the next year. Now, it's equally possible that someone on the committee recognizes your application, says, "Huh, this philosopher again? Well, we didn't advance them last time, to the trash can again," or the like, but apart from the time you spent putting the application materials together, there's little harm done to you in that case, and again, there's absolutely no way for you to know beforehand which of those possibilities is more likely to be realized.

anonymous tenure track at R1

while 1-5 seem right to me, I just want to add that when I've been on search committees, with a few exceptions, we've wished we could have brought all the people we interviewed to campus, and it's always a "plethora of riches" situation, not a "oh god which of these people is good enough to get to the next stage" situation. If you make it to the interview stage. Also, often decisions about who to bring to campus are based on things like fit with dept needs (which it sounds like are slightly different this time around). Finally (I'm in an R1 but not top dept) we sometimes make choices to try to ensure that we actually get to hire. So we might invite one person who we worry will get a better offer, or who already has a job we aren't sure they will leave, but then we might balance that out with two-three people who we think we have a better chance with. There are so many weird factors that go into decisions of who to bring to campus. Needs change. But mostly: if you made it to the first round, at least in my department, we probably all wished we could hire you and thought you were amazing.

So, in short, I wouldn't even worry about whether you can do *better* this time around--if your dossier is better, if you're more competitive, etc. Definitely always apply in this situation! Do not hesitate!

Marcus Arvan

anonymous tenure track at R1: what you say matches my experience too. On virtually all of the hiring committees I’ve served on, the committee was very high on all of the candidates interviewed—so decisions about who to invite to the on-campus are often very hard and uncertain. So, it’s entirely possible that this time around, the same candidate might be interviewed again and get the on-campus—especially (but not only) if some of the committee members remember the candidate and sort of wish in retrospect that they had made the on-campus. There are just so many variables that the best thing to do, I think, is to absolutely apply!


Yes, for sure apply! Hiring a TT line is basically never about hiring *the best philosopher* and almost always about hiring *the best person for this particular job at the time in light of all relevant needs and constraints.* Even if it's the same AOS in the same department, there will be a different set of needs and constraints now, and you might be exactly the right person this time around.

oat milk

I wonder if the same advice applies to the open AOS postdoc positions that are advertised once every cycle or every other cycle. Assuming one is still eligible, is there a point in applying if one was rejected the previous year?

keep going, if you want to

I know the OP had in mind jobs for which one was previously *interviewed*, but it's worth mentioning that if you've been on the market for a few years you've likely applied to most schools that will be hiring in a given year. So if you didn't apply to places that had rejected you in the past, you wouldn't apply to very many places at all.

@oat milk. I've applied to the same competitive postdoc three times. I wasn't interviewed until the third try.

Tt prof

The TT job I’m in now I was unsuccessful for the first time around (failed search)


I applied for a job at the place where I now have a permanent job (UK so not TT) the year before I was hired and didn't get an interview. Simple case of them wanting different things in different years, and maybe a bit extra on my CV (I suspect the former was far more important). I imagine this happens quite a lot: someone who isn't a great fit for one job might be a great fit for another.

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