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I guess that depends on your field's culture. It seems clear to me that, in some fields, non-university affiliations are perfectly fine. In applied ethics, for instance, people list affiliations with public agencies, non-profit organizations, private companies, etc. But in other fields, people tend to only engage with the work of famous people from big universities.

On a personal note: I rarely check the author's affiliation. I might check this if I am reading a paper from a journal I never heard of.

Trystan Goetze

I agree with Postdoc, above: other academic fields are perfectly happy to list employers that aren't post-secondary institutions as affiliations. Education studies papers often have practising teachers as authors who use their school as their affiliation, medical journals will list hospitals, and computer science journals will list Microsoft, Google, or whatever smaller tech company one works for. I think the reason we don't see this in philosophy is an artefact of how professionally isolated much of academic philosophy is from non-academic work -- to the detriment of both philosophy and the "outside world," in my opinion. Would that act to the author's detriment? I would hope editors and readers wouldn't be closed-minded enough to count it against an "extramural" author, but it probably happens.


Why would the author not list the school they teach in? If a paper is getting published there is no reason to think less of an author or ignore their paper because they chose (or were compelled) not to be in a university. Only snobbishness and prejudice would suggest otherwise.

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