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here is the scoop on scooping

"getting scoped" implies some devious behavior on the part of the person publishing - check your urban dictionary. It is not just that someone beat you to it. The term is being misused here.

Marcus Arvan

Huh, I see that now, but it’s worth noting that the term is sometimes used in multiple ways, one of them being simply publishing first. That’s how it is used, for instance, in this news article in the top science journal Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-03648-4

Marcus Arvan

It’s also used the way I’m using it here: https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/2016/04/19/so-youve-been-scooped/


I agree with all that is said about the high chances that you idea is, or can be developed, in a sufficiently distinct way. I've felt scooped several times during my PhD, and almost never was it actually a full-on paper-destroying scoop. (I'm using scoop in the benign, Marcus Arvan way here. That was also how I knew the term, fwiw)

I'd say definitely present it and probably remark that you recently learned about this very similar paper and you have some worries about just how similar they are.

It would surprise me if doing so had bad consequences, and it is quite likely to have good consequences.


I have always used the term 'scooped' and heard it used in the benign, *aw shucks* sense.

Greg Stoutenburg

I'd recommend finding relevant differences between one's position and the scooper's, highlighting them, and providing reasons to favor one's own version of the very-similar view.

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