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Anon UK Grad

For whatever it is worth, I think several of the skills you mention are applicable in the synchronous online setting. For example, one must answer questions on the fly (sometimes in multiple modalities (e.g. via a chat function, or verbally) in a synchronous online class.


I think if anything that the COVID situation now means that some online teaching experience is probably highly advantageous. But more than enough to show you can do it probably won't help.

I wouldn't want to be applying for a position that includes any teaching now without having some online teaching experience. The possibility that we will all have to go back online for extended periods is now on everybody's minds.

But I also wouldn't want to be applying for in person teaching with no in person teaching experience. Especially if that experience is with remote students, rather than local students who have had to use online systems because of COVID.

Daniel Brunson

I would add that a key distinction involves course design, regardless of modality. That is, teaching a course you have made shows more potential as an instructor than running a course someone else has made. Without evidence of instructional design, people might assume that online courses are basically the same as being a TA, showing little more than basic competency as a teacher. However, if you can focus on pedagogical decisions who have made, whether in-person or online, them that's where you should be making your case anyway.

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