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Benedict Eastaugh

Thanks to the authors for this very useful post.

PhD students in logic or logic-related areas like the philosophy of mathematics, and who are interested in potentially applying for jobs in Japan such as JSPS postdoctoral fellowships, should be aware that there is a flourishing community not just in philosophy and philosophical logic, but in mathematical logic—especially proof theory, computability theory, and set theory. There are even some glimmerings of engagement between anglophone philosophy of mathematics and Japanese philosophical movements, e.g. Akiyoshi & Arana (2019).

Akiyoshi R. and Arana A. Takeuti's proof theory in the context of the Kyoto School. Jahrbuch für Philosophie das Tetsugaku-Ronso, 46:1–17, 2019. http://hdl.handle.net/2433/244296

Kengo Miyazono

Thank you for the follow-up Benedict!

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