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Daniel Weltman

Another good place to go for some sources of things to potentially teach is Manuel Vargas's page for people interested in studying Latin American philosophy: http://vargasphilosophy.com/lsmphil.htm

It lists a lot of useful texts (scroll down to "what should I read?").

Kevin Harrelson

This is a solid post and an even better program for an Intro course. For me there is simply too much in it. But as someone who does a History sequence and has struggled to decolonize it adequately, this approach is very helpful. How to position Aztecs next to Greeks? I’ve been struggling with that in Ancient. How to put colonization in with the typical European sequence? I do like the idea of emphasizing the Valladolid debates, which can be supplemented in any direction.

For me this all gets easier in an Intro, because I don’t feel the pull of chronology in that case. Thanks to Robert and Helen for the post!!

Miroslav Imbrisevic

Let's not forget the great Argentinian legal scholar Carlos Santiago Nino. A lot of his work is available in English. He wrote on punishment, restorative justice, human rights and democracy, among other things. Thomas Scanlon engages with Nino's work in 'What we owe to each other' and in the essay 'Punishment and the Rule of Law' (1999).

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