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El Gordo

I have used Harry David with great success.



I’m a native english speaker and am currently working as a copyeditor after recently finishing my master’s degree in philosophy. In my master’s program I specialized in and wrote my thesis on topics in moral philosophy. If you’re interested, send me an email and we can discuss details: philosophy.copyeditor@gmail.com.

SEC postdoc

Heather Wallace is a philosophy PhD with an editing business: https://writingisthinking.com


I highly recommend Heather Wallace. She has a PhD in philosophy and a terrific editing service (https://writingisthinking.com/).

Clueless author

This is related —I’ve heard the advice “pay someone to index your book” but I have no idea where to start with that. Are these freelance copy editors also book indexers?

Daniel Weltman

Clueless author: some of my professors in grad school paid grad students to do this (I indexed two books). If your department has a PhD program and you have access to money (either through the publisher or through a grant you can apply for or something like that) to pay them, that is an option. Having indexed two books already I think I'd be inclined to index any books I write myself, but maybe there are reasons to pay someone else that I am missing.


I have done one index myself, and I have worked with another person (my wife, who is a managing editor for an academic journal) on two others. You need subject knowledge to do a good index. So make sure if you get a freelance person they know philosophy. And the best way is to prepare a list of terms you want indexed in advance. names, concepts, places, properties, etc.

Polaris Koi

I recommend Lex Academic at https://www.lexacademic.com -- it is run by philosophers, and does both editing and indexing.

Jakub Macha

I've been working with Andy Godfrey for long time. Highly recommended. http://www.agodfreytranslations.com/

Tyler Loveless

I’m working as a freelance editor and researcher after finishing my master’s degree in philosophy last spring. I am also currently the technical editor over at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Feel free to send me an email at tloveless@gwu.edu with any questions. You can find my Editorial Freelancers Association profile here (https://www.the-efa.org/memberinfo/tyler-loveless-30790/).


I'm a native English speaker and with significant academic editing experience, including articles in moral philosophy and other fields for an interdisciplinary humanities journal and manuscripts in philosophy and political theory for major academic presses. I also have experience with indexing. If you're interested, please email me at akr7638@gmail.com

Susan Mitchell

I recommend Kuttura Proofreading and Editing at https://www.kuttura.com

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