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Bill Vanderburgh

I looked briefly at the report you cite, and I'm not sure I understand the methodology. The "1 in 12 in the fourth year after graduation" means, I think, that *of all those who graduated but did not yet have permanent academic jobs three years later*, 1 in 12 got a permanent academic job in the fourth year. (But, I would guess, a proportion of those who did not get a permanent academic job after a certain number of years stop trying to get one, so I'm not sure this "1 in 12" is very helpful.)

Or is it that *1 in 12 graduates* got a first permanent job in the fourth year after graduation?

I suppose the number we would all really like to know is, *of those still actively seeking a first permanent academic position*, what is the chance of getting that job this year?

Any idea, in total, what percentage of graduates get a permanent job (with 7 years of graduating, say)?

anonymous TT

What about as ABD? This information seems to be missing.

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