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You should have at least one example of a full syllabus. Otherwise your file will look very generic. People will be able to see what you value as a teacher, and how you approach teaching when your syllabus has all the stuff on it.


I like to mostly see abridged syllabi. I mostly care to see how you describe the course and what the readings are. In particular, I like to see a good balance of authors and perspectives, and I'd rather they not look like a boring bog-standard same-old syllabus. I'm looking for innovation, and hoping to steal ideas for my own courses!

The main value of a full syllabus is that it gives some minimal insight into your assessments, but TBH I think it's pretty minimal on that front. Most of a full syllabus is university-mandated material anyway, and not particularly relevant to our institution.

One thing I've done for my own abridged syllabi is note which assignments are due (roughly) when, and I think that does enough to give some insight into the assessment structure. But really, I expect to learn about your assessments in the teaching statement or, for particularly novel showcase-type assessments,I expect to see an example later in the portfolio. .

once a grad student

I include one full syllabus on mine, and then cut out the repeated parts about grading, plagiarism, etc. in subsequent syllabi (with a note mentioning that this is what I've done).

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