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Anon TT

I agree with basically everything Marcus says. FWIW, after two years on the market, I took a 3 year postdoc. Since it was long enough, I decided to not even look at the job market my first year. Honestly, best decision I ever made. It was mainly for my own mental health, but it also did let me focus a lot more on work and dramatically improve my dossier for the following year.


I had a two-year postdoc. I only went on the market selectively the first year, to give myself a break and a chance to rack up publications. I think it was the right decision.

I'd be cautious about not applying at all in any given year, and would recommend a targeted search (i.e 1-10 applications) instead.


I think your area of research matters. If you work in an area that doesn't normally have a lot of job ads every year (e.g. aesthetics, cog sci) then passing on an opportunity in your field can be quite costly. But if you do something like ethics or history of philosophy where there is a higher average number of job ads every year, you might be safe taking a year off. People working on booming areas like AI, philosophy of race, or non-Western philosophy can probably rest easy too.


I agree with postduck. It can be nice to sit out the job market for a year. But jobs do not wait for you. And if your AOS is one with few postings, sitting out a year can mean missing out on some of the few jobs you are particularly well suited for. So it may well be worth it to apply, but just for them.

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