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Korean philosopher

Thanks Natalja. It's an exciting posting, especially for knowing that a philosopher of time is in Korea. I enjoyed reading your sharp analysis of both cultural and academic aspects of Korea. I am an assistant professor of a national university in Korea, and I believe that your analysis is mostly correct. ("Mostly" because I have a heavy load of administrative duties...)

Peter Finocchiaro

I'm glad to see another installment of the Cocoon Goes Global series, and very glad to see one done on philosophy in Korea. Thanks to everyone involved, especially Natalja!

There are two things that Natalja mentioned that I find especially interesting.

The first is the influence of Confucianism on academic culture. I find that it is very similar to my experiences in China. I'm curious to hear what strategies (if any!) have been especially effective in getting students to participate and challenge the received wisdom. Speaking personally, this is something that I still struggle to figure out.

The second is the short notice on administrative things (like meetings, I assume). Again, this aligns with my experience in China. Does anyone have a sense for what causes this? I find it very frustrating!

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