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Looking For Group Philosophy

Hi Marcus,

I was the one who originally posted the question in the "How can we help you?" thread. Thank you for featuring this question as a separate post. I'd be happy to share my contact information with any groups currently ongoing or with individuals who are interested in forming a group. Just reply here. I'll check back regularly.


I run a reading/workshop group that has evolved since its founding in Fall 2019. It started as a pre-COVID, in-person, intra-institutional workshop group for grad students and faculty to present their work, and we met bi-weekly. Since last March it has become a virtual group, with a base of Texas A&M faculty and grad students, and now regularly includes faculty and grad students from all over the US and the UK. We meet bi-weekly during the semester, and typically have an established philosopher present a paper or book chapter they are working on, followed by a Q&A. It's a great chance for participants to learn about ongoing and upcoming work, and a great chance for presenters to work out ideas and material to a 'room' of 10-15 friendly philosophers. Feel free to contact me; my info can be found at jaredoliphint.com

Sam Duncan

I put together a paper workshop group last year that meets via Zoom about once a month. We've got about four people who come regularly and we're looking for more people so that the rest of us have a little more time between papers. And of course it would also be nice to get more people involved. The interests of the group are pretty diverse and I think we'd be game to read anything. Feel free to email me at sld24688@email.vccs.edu if you're interested.

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