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Absolutely make sure you are not joining the editorial board of a predatory journal. These are those journals that contact everyone with those generic invitations to published their great papers - some even promise publication within weeks - and then charge you a publication fee.

journal work

Being part of a journal in an editorial role is a LOT of work. From personal experience it is a mixed bag, and I am done with it for a while.

Background: I was assistant editor at a very specialized journal and then associate editor (all together 7 years). The former was before being TT and the later while TT. There was some payoff--because the journal was highly specialized I was in regular contact with key people in a small area. I could possibly have done that regardless, though, with some initiative.

After serving as associate editor (more work), I ended up serving out one term and being done. The deciding factor for me (while TT) was that my university basically treated my editorial work as like nearly any other service work (when in reality serving as associate or editor in chief is as much work as editing at least one book a year or so). Yes, I know there are differences, but at least edited books count toward institutional things (like possibility of merit raises, etc.) while editorial work did not in my case.

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