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If it's possible to say, I'm quite interested in what kind of jobs you applied to. My guess is there is a broad range, given the volume of 70+ jobs you applied to. But because your CV sounds quite good, it makes me wonder whether most of the jobs you applied to were R1. If there was a range of R1, R2, postdocs, etc., then the market is even worse than I thought (and I've thought it was quite bad).


Jared: you seem to be a bit out of touch with the market. The market is far far far worse than you seem to imagine.

Applying to 70+ jobs and not getting a single interview was a common experience for many many people with this person's publication record *before* covid. It's going to be the norm going forward.

And you just can't apply for 70+ jobs and have most of them be R1 jobs. You probably can't apply to 20 jobs and have most of them be R1 jobs. There just aren't enough of those advertised for that to be a real possibility.


The OP's experience makes me realize how bad the current job market is... I am an ABD and the number of jobs I've applied this year was only 20. I remember my friend telling me that she applied for only North American jobs which meant 80ish applications. I didn't limit my search to North America. I applied all over the world. What makes me more depressing is that I don't have 3 publications. Well...


Speaking personally, I wouldn't hold it against a candidate that there is a "gap" or "blank" year. However, such a year does correlate with things that will make a candidate less competitive, such as less teaching. But, if I were OP, I wouldn't necessarily draw any attention to it. Search committees have some many applications to begin with that most members probably aren't thinking too hard about this issue to begin with.

Same boat

10 publications here - 8 of which are peer reviewed and have been published in top journals (Synthese, Erkenntnis, etc.); another 8+ papers currently under review. Graduated in 2019. I havent been able to secure a job after 100+ applications. I've got shortlisted twice. The job market is really competitive right now (and/or I am doing something wrong!)

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