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One other advice would be to look at the CV of (tenured) professors at said university and look at what they include in it. If the (tenured) professors at said university doesn’t include “public philosophy,” “forthcoming publications,” or other miscellaneous things, then it is perhaps better to not include them if you wish to apply to said university. You may find a pattern of many or most professors who work at said university may or may not include their personal website on their CV. That could be an indicator that they probably view it as either relevant or irrelevant.

Maximizing your chances of impressing the committees is giving them what they like to see as Powell has mentioned. However, although he did mention that giving grad students or post Ph.D people different examples of CVs to look at, he didn’t go far enough, which is looking at the CVs of professors who are currently hired at the university of which one wishes to be hired at.

This targeted approach is both prudentially and epistemically beneficial than looking at random CVs of people from random universities (that you may not have interest in applying at) for the simple reason that said professors (at universities you wish to apply to) may be the ones on the hiring committees who may be looking at your CV. In other words, this targeted approach is more direct, specific, and less superficial. Last, it also answers a lot of the questions posed by Powell in the guide.

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