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Shout out to Mark Schroeder for being a mensch.


Stephen Read is a genuinely excellent human and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

grateful anon

I would like to thank the contributors to and moderators of this blog. The advice is all very helpful, and the camaraderie even more helpful still.


Brent Adkins changed my life. Thank you for being an amazing mentor and top-notch teacher.

Anonymous Grad Student

There's vanishingly little chance he'll read this, but I'll always be grateful to Kilian Currey. While I was an undergraduate at my parents' home for the summer, I met Kilian at a Barnes and Noble perusing the philosophy section. We got to talking for hours about Kant and Aquinas and whatnot. He informed me that he'd been a philosophy professor in New York for so-many years before retiring. (He was 83 at this point.) We became friends, and to this day whenever we're both in town and there isn't a pandemic afoot we meet up at that Barnes and Noble and just talk philosophy.

I'm grateful for the mentorship, the friendship, and for a particular moment I vividly recall from that first day we met. I'd told him that while I loved philosophy, I probably would pursue something more financially reliable, perhaps law. As our conversation was ending we were walking out and he said, "Well [insert my name], it sounds like you don't really want to study law. It sounds like you want to study philosophy." That wasn't a revelation, of course. It was just obvious. But he said it as if to say that that fact mattered more than I was giving it credit for. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't, but it was a moment of affirmation that helped me feel more surefooted when I ultimately decided to pursue what I love.

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