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SLAC Associate

I've never been on a search at an R1, but I'd suggest sending an updated CV (with those entries under a "solicited work" or "work in preparation" section), without explicitly drawing attention to what's new. Just email the search chair saying something along the lines of "Hi, I'm very excited about my interview on date XYZ. My CV has changed somewhat since the initial application date, so I've attached the updated version."

Overseas Tenured

Yes. (I realize this is really laconic, but: is there any reason not to?)


I would recommend telling them at the Skype interview. Perhaps do it when you are talking about research. There is no reason to tell them ahead of time, given that you are already scheduled for an interview.


Re: SLAC Associate

Wouldn't this annoy you a bit if you were on a search committee? Like, I've already read the person's CV, it would be nice for them to tell me what is different in the new one so I don't have to compare them

Marcus Arvan

Thom: it would definitely bug me. I wouldn't want to have to hunt through the CV and compare it to the original one to figure out what is different. If a candidate does have an update, I think they should say what it is in the email and attach an updated CV as well.


I've only served on a couple of search committees, but personally I'd only send an updated CV if I had a new paper accepted. New invitations, talks, R&Rs, etc are all naturally good things, but they're sufficiently slight that my eyebrows would be raised as a committee member if someone sent in a new CV to draw attention to them. (Obviously it's a different story if it's possible to "passively" update your CV, as some application platforms allow -- in that case it seems totally fine to upload the new version even for mild improvements.)

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