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I am with you

Certainly when the job you are applying to is a typical 4 year state college, you should NOT send more than a page or two for a research statement and a teaching statement. As you note, going through the files is exhausting, and longer file will just not be read with care - if read at all. I remember once, we had about 85 applicants for a ONE year visiting position. The time line for reviewing materials was tight. And we just could not spend lots of time. Applicants have to learn to sell themselves and to present their accomplishments in a tight form.


2 pages for a research statement seems right to me. More than that, and I agree you will likely frustrate reviewers.


I generally agree with the "the short, the better" motto and the specific advise that a research statement should 1-2 pages long. Yet I have to add that the research statement that was part of my successful portfolio was 3,5 pages long. I work on a niche topic within my AOS and thus felt the need to explain in more detail what I am doing. I also have some un-orthodox publications (interdisciplinary and not all are in English) and thought it might be good the explain my track record a little more than other do (where you see the accomplishment at first sight). I sometimes used a shorter research statement (2 pages), but the longer brought me my TT job. I believe that we sometimes underestimate that it is important to attract attention in the crowded fields of excellent jobseekers in academic philosophy. While I believe that general advice is very valuable and helpful, it is not all about being standard in our context. Many places find you without having searched for you in particular. I believe that this is part of the frustration of being a jobseeker in philosophy: since many meet the standard, the final decision rests nevertheless on something you cannot plan/control. To be clear, this is no argument against meeting the standards. It is more a hint that it might be useful to think about emphasizing what distinguishes you. It worked in my case...

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