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I've seen philosophy jobs in the U.K. posted on jobs.ac.uk (https://www.jobs.ac.uk/).


The only other job board I follow is the jobs section of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Often jobs appear there before they do on PhilJobs or HigherEdJobs.

Sam Duncan

Community college job postings are a mess. Most will appear on InsideHigher Ed and most won't be on philjobs. But there always more than a few full-time community college jobs on Glassdoor that don't seem to even be on InsideHigherEd. It's a complete pain in the neck to sort these out from the adjunct jobs since Glassdoor doesn't seem to be set up to do that. But if you're interested in CC jobs it's probably worth glancing there every now and then. I would bet money that there other random places where decent numbers CC jobs are advertised but I've seen the most that aren't advertised elsewhere on Glassdoor.

Mark Herman



National: In my experience, it's rare to find a job ad on these sites that isn't on PhilJobs or HigherEdJobs (within a week).




California Community Colleges:

On a side note: If it's correct to assume that the job market will be much better next year (I think California has a lot of Community College jobs backed up from a pre-pandemic quasi hiring freeze), perhaps a worthwhile topic is the pros and cons of sitting out the market for a year. For instance, implications for market competitiveness next year? Other implications, both pro (e.g., avoiding the heartburn of preparing materials and sending out 100 apps that very well may end up yielding nothing) and con (e.g., the analog of whatever it is that causes so many ABD's to not finish their PhD when they move away from grad school despite their plans to finish from afar).

One issue that comes to a head this cycle is the unfortunate commonality of job seekers sending out 100 applications, which is a ton of work. With the chances of all that work yielding nothing having gone up, it's especially unfortunate. Perhaps those offering lower-tier full-time jobs over the next few months could be encouraged to make their expectations and priorities more specific (either in their ads or on a message board elsewhere) to reduce the time and effort wasted on what would then be known to be super-duper-long-shot applications.

Harold Norwal

Probably most readers will have seen this, but just in case it's helpful to someone, it's worth repeating that the Philos-L list run from the University of Liverpool at https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/philosophy/philos-l/ is a useful source of information about jobs, often including jobs that don't turn up on PhilJobs. For those who don't like having their inboxes blown up all the time, it's easy enough to search the archive at https://listserv.liv.ac.uk/cgi-bin/wa?A0=PHILOS-L with 'job' as the keyword. As posters have noted before at the Cocoon, this won't guarantee that you pick up 100% of the job listings, but it will get you most of the way.


It is a good idea to look at the general 'humanities' listings on both Higheredjobs.com and the Chronicle. Sometimes philosophy jobs are listed there, but more often it is jobs that philosophers COULD apply to given the right background, e.g., a job in a writing program, a general humanties position at a communtiy college, etc.

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