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UC Berkeley says the following about the length of diversity statements "A typical strong statement is two to three pages in length, and includes specific, detailed examples and descriptions that demonstrate both understanding and actions. Weaker statements tend to be brief, vague, contain little information about the specific role in an activity, or mostly highlight efforts that are already fundamental to a position" (https://ofew.berkeley.edu/recruitment/contributions-diversity/support-faculty-candidates).

I don't know whether other institutions have similar expectations about the length.

Assistant Professor

I have not been on the hiring committee side of diversity statements, and it would be most useful to hear from committee members. But as an applicant I received repeated advice from various roles across academic hiring to keep all statements, including the diversity statement, to one page. Mine was one single spaced page (as was my research and my teaching statement, respectively). Of course, how you tackle all the expectations of the statement in one page is complicated, but unless a program gave explicit guidance on their expectations for content and length (like the UC Berkeley guidance noted above) I kept to it. My statement appeared to go over well, or at least did not hinder my positive job market experience. I focused only on concrete examples related to diversity in my teaching, research, and professional background that allowed me to "show not tell."

I would have LOVED a rubric with clear expectations for how a committee defines diversity, why it matters to them, and how they expect a candidate to contribute to a culture of diversity (although often some of this information can be deduced through other publicly available information about a department/institution).

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