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Hi Anxiety, Would you be willing to share where the UW Superior job was advertised? I don't remember seeing it (but perhaps I did and just forgot). Thanks in advance.


@anon Re: PFO Hecht-Levi: When did you get that? I have still heard nothing. Maybe they lost my app.!? Has anyone gotten a Hecht-Levi interview?

Also: Cleveland Clinic is still deliberating.

bioethics forever

Any news from NIH?


@Anon: I got the PFO from JHU Hecht-Levi yesterday. It was a form rejection from Interfolio. All it said was, "Thank you for your interest in the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics Hecht-Levi Fellowship Program. We have received an overwhelming number of highly qualified applicants this year, resulting in a difficult selection process. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend an offer for a position to you at this time for the 2021-2022 academic year of the Hecht-Levi Fellowship."

So, no indication here they've already made a final offer. They could still be deliberating, and I was just in the first batch of rejections.

Rene Rousseau

PFO from Penn State Berks...haven't heard from St. Bonaventure about second round interview


I too have not yet heard anything regarding the Hecht-Levi, so I doubt that they lost your (our) applications.

not throwing away my shot

Has anyone heard back from the University of Calgary ethics position?

circling the drain

I haven't heard anything from Calgary yet, but on Philjobs the deadline was pushed back untilearly March, I don't remember the exact date.


Thought I’d put it out there that my PFO from the UNC Chapel Hill post doc was actually filtered into spam by Gmail! So worth checking your spam if you’re waiting on them

blast from the past

PFO from Lawrence University of Wisconsin (https://philjobs.org/job/show/15702).


MindCore rejected me :(

superior search functionality

@Annie, the UW Superior post was advertised here: https://philjobs.org/job/show/16554

As maybe you know, PhilJobs lets users search for expired ads using the 'more search options tab' in the search bar on the left side of the screen when you're using the browse jobs ad.


PFO from NYU Shanghai

re: Calgary

Calgary wrote me this week to let me know they had added a document I sent separately (by email) to my file, so I'd guess they're still reviewing applications.

UNC PostDoc

PFO from Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity. (Fairly nice email, was sorted into spam so may want to check there if you're waiting on that!)



I didn't. Thanks for that, I'm grateful.


Has anyone who interviewed first-round for the Northeastern AI Ethics teaching job heard back about a second round?


@anon SBU, St. Bonaventure reached out for the second round of interviews on Feb 15th. Sorry.


PFO from Durham (Assistant Professor in Moral, Social and Political Philosophy)


Longlisted at Durham (Assistant Professor in Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy)


PFO from UNC-Chapel Hill (Asst Prof Position)


Has anyone heard anything from the MIT postdoc? (NC Ethics of Technology Fellowship)

Hey Nony

@Anon - I wrote MIT in early February and they still had not sent out interviews. They were hoping to make progress by the end of Feb. Not sure if they did or not, but I have not heard anything either.


Uninformative, form pfo from Durham philsci.

Pottery Lottery

Has anyone heard anything about Rotman Institute (Western Ontario) postdocs or timeline? e.g. has anyone gotten a request for letters? [https://philjobs.org/job/show/16142] Thanks!


I was long listed today for the Harvard Embedded EthiCS postdoc. It's unclear whether it was for the application due 12/31, or the application due 2/16.


Berman Institute’s (at Johns Hopkins) Hecht-Levi Fellowships accepted by two candidates. PFOs forthcoming.

recent phd

"assistant professorship in applied ethics, with a focus on technology, at the University of Twente" has scheduled interviews for longlisted candidates.


Has anyone heard from Oklahoma State? I think they said they'd be meeting the first week of March.


Has anyone has heard from Bayreuth or Groningen?


@Anon at 11:02 PM: got a PFO from Groningen in the last few days of February. They said that they had selected some finalists at that point.


@Pottery Lottery: I haven't heard of anything either from the institute. The same goes for my two other peers.

bioethics forever

Oklahoma State is scheduling first round interviews.


PFO from Belmont Abbey College.


WCU is doing first round interviews.



Can I ask when you heard about WCU?


@Freedom: My first-round interview with WCU was last week. My understanding is they completed all interviews as of last Friday, March 5th.


Has anyone heard about round 2 interviews for the tech ethics teaching position at Northeastern?

hoping for boston

Any word yet on second round interviews for Boston College (professor of the practice/pulse program)? I know it's probably early but the anxiety is real...


University of Florida (TT, ethics and AI; https://philjobs.org/job/show/16626) has scheduled at least some first-round interviews

St. Andrews

PFO from the 'recruitment team' at St. Andrews.



PFO from NIH Bioethics postdoc.

Hey Nony

PFO Muhlenberg VAP


@sahpa: When did the PFO come through? I haven't heard one way or the other from NIH.


@sahpa, did the NIH PFO indicate where they were in their search process? I haven't heard from them yet so I'm curious.

Any more info on NIH?

@sahpa: did the PFO from NIH include any information about where they are with their search?

I haven't heard one way or the other yet and I'm starting to worry they lost my application or something.


Has anyone heard anything about the Hogwarts job? I can't tell if the Defense of the Dark arts job is an inside hire?


Official PFO from WCU.

Losing all hope

PFO from WCU.


@Losing all hope & @SD: Had you previously received PFOs from WCU? Or was this after a first-round interview?


@paranoid_but_informed: I didn't get an interview, but had not received a PFO either until today.

Losing all hope


Same. I didn’t get an interview and just got my PFO today.


Uninformative hr pfo from St. Andrews senior lecturer position.


In answer to the followup questions about the NIH postdoc: I was given no additional information whatsoever. A PFO in the truest sense. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Received it yesterday, when I posted my comment here.

what up

any news about the Toronto Continental job?


@wannateach i too have had radio silence since the first round northeastern tech ethics teaching position


@what_up The final talk for the Toronto Continental job took place on March 5. Not sure if a decision has been made yet


The College of St. Scholastica (ethics/value theory broadly construed) is scheduling first round interviews.

anon ancient

PFO Georgia State (ancient). Search completed.


PFO Bristol Philosophy and Logic (ad has been scratched so I can't link it).

One more shot

Any update from WCU after first round interviews?


@One more shot: I had a first-round interview at WCU, but no updates. Curious if anyone else has.


Same question for UMary. Did anyone with an interview there hear anything later? Or at Dixie State?

re: reUMary

@ghosted I had an on-campus (in-person) flyout at UMary and was believe (but am uncertain) that they've made the offer and it's been accepted (and not to me).

VAP Life


I had a first-round interview with U Mary in the first week of February. They told me that their process was moving quickly, and that I should expect to hear from them "soon."

~6 weeks later and I haven't heard anything. So.... I'm assuming that I'm no longer in the running? IDK, pretty frustrating.


Any updates on the Durham Philosophy of Science job? I didn't get the PFO someone mentioned earlier, but haven't heard anything either way

rando but my info is good!

University of Mary has had at least one fly out already, I assume more.

Postod Anonymous


There were two Durham philsci jobs.

One (basically open rank) has been longlisted. If you applied for that job and haven't heard back, then you've apparently been longlisted.

The other is more junior. As far as I know, longlisting hasn't taken place yet. Sucks, given that the deadline was back in January, but Durham is doing a tonne of hiring right now, so they are probably busy.

what up

how many continental positions U of Toronto was hiring for, anybody knows? was it 1 or 2 in the end?


PFO st andrews ancient

What Is It Like to Be a VAP?

First round interview with WCU here also, but, like the others, no update. The hiring committee was supposed to meet Friday of last week to discuss finalists.


Has anyone heard about Rotman Institute (Western Univ.) postdocs? The deadline was mid January.

Rutroh Rotman

@forget-me-not, I reached out to Rotman, and they said that the faculty has narrowed down the applications; final decisions have not yet been made; and they are not hiring in foundations of physics this year. No further time-line updates.


@Rutroh Rotman, thanks for the update! I really appreciate it :)


Dixie State has made an offer (for their 2-year position).


Durham junior philosophy of science job is finishing longlisting.


WCU has selected and notified two finalists. (I’m not one of them.)


PFO: University of Manchester (https://www.jobs.manchester.ac.uk/displayjob.aspx?jobid=19524)


PFO from Manchester ("engaged philosophy" lecturer post)

Anxiety is the Dizziness of the Job Market

Finalist for UW-Superior


Arizona (career track, PPE) has scheduled interviews.

Rene Rousseau

Mercyhurst is scheduling first round interviews.

anon ancient

PFO, LSU (TT, ancient)

Losing all hope

PFO from LSU and Georgia Southern University.

no cambridge for me

PFO from Cambridge (two university lecturer positions)


I haven't been able to find any news on Rhodes. Anyone heard anything?


Does anyone know if University of Toronto Scarborough has made an offer yet?

J. Belfort

News on Western Kentucky (TT; epistemology, metaphysics, phil science) anyone?


Applied to both Rhodes and Western Kentucky. Haven't heard anything from either...


Anyone heard from Colby (Epistemology/Phil Science VAP)?


PFO from Cambridge ("2 lecturers") and another from the Hecht-Levi fellowship

recent phd

Has anyone heard from Society for Applied Philosophy on the

Short term postdoctoral research grants scheme 2021?



-- 15 February 2021, for awards to commence on 1 April 2021.

And it is like 10 days before the commencement.

postdoc #3

Things are winding down a bit so I wanted to thank everyone on this thread for their kindness and openness throughout the process. You have made a tough year easier to bear, and I am grateful. And best of luck to everyone who still has applications outstanding!


I'm not feeling great about the fact that people can get both (i) super competitive fellowships, and (ii) tt jobs that they defer for one year. People who create these fellowships shouldn't allow that esp during the years that there are like 10 things total available, but then again they don't care.


Hong Kong Baptist University is scheduling first-round interviews for its TT position in ethics.

Are people deferring

@anonymous, re: tenure track deferral:

Do you have evidence that that's happening much this year? Genuine question.

hope has left the building

@anonymous/@Are People deferring

I would also be interested to hear about why you think this (also, genuine question).


has st. scholastica scheduled round 2 interviews yet?


Both people who got the nyu post doc fellowship also have tt jobs lined up (one is Berkley, another in Australian something university).
It's not anything they did wrong, it's just the fellowship itself. The fellowship has always been that way. I remember people taking it years ago while having a tt job lined up.
Anyway, I got nothing, so it doesn't feel great. Having a hard time working or doing anything these days.


re: Marcus Arvan

Not trying to police this discussion here but can we please limit this space to news about interviews, rejections, etc?

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